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Day 352…cherries

I think Charlie O Shields is rubbing off on me, my paintings seem to be sparking more and more trips down memory lane. Although last night I wasn’t overly thinking about anything more than “Ooooh look at all the pretty red paints”. But this evening as I have finally gotten around to posting it, I find myself remembering all kinds of silly things about cherries from my childhood.

Like when I was really young, going to the orchards and picking our own cherries. I’m betting us kids weren’t as helpful as we thought we were. Then later as I got older stopping by fruit stands and buying cherries in big baskets and boxes. Then there was afternoons of sitting around the table sorting all those cherries. The odd double cherries were set aside to be frozen and eaten as cool summer treats. The rest were canned. Canning (huge shudder) was a long, hot process that I obviously didn’t enjoy. But I did love getting to eat the cherries all winter long when they were no longer available in the stores.



Day 351…picnic

I remember going on lots of picnics as a kid. Many were in the park near the river where it was cooler and some were picnic lunches or dinners at the river while dad fished, where it was cooler. Lol, while I’m sure fresh air was part of mom’s reasoning, there was also the fact that we didn’t have air conditioning in any of the houses we lived in. So in the summer when it was really just too hot to be cooking inside, we went on picnics. And after we ate, my brother, sister and I would get to play in the water and be all nice and cooled off.

While the park was fun, I actually liked the river/fishing ones better. But that just might be because a lot of my favorite memories of my dad are linked to fishing and hearing him sing “here fishy fishy, here fishy fishy” softly under his breath while us three kids played happily at his feet in the water.


Day 350…veggies

I’m not sure why, but the first thing I thought of was tomatoes still on the vine. Tomatoes aren’t necessarily my favorite veggie. I’ll eat them, but I don’t go out of my way to find them. And yet oddly enough, I’m rather good at growing tomatoes, [Shrug] and possibly at painting them. The more I loon at this painting, the more it appeals to me. So there you go.


Day 349…bicycle

I remember as a kid riding my bike everywhere. It didn’t matter how far it was, it always seemed do-able. Lol, these days however, even riding around the block seems like a major undertaking. But I still remember bike rides fondly, even if I really don’t want to actually go do it.


Day 348…flip-flops

Shoes are so not my favorite thing. I am usually barefoot most of the year. Unless I have to go run errands. (I never did learn to drive barefoot 😁) In the winter that requires actual shoes but once the snow goes away, I get to wear flip-flops. Which as close to barefoot as you can get and still claim to have shoes on.