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Day 82….lost pumpkin

I love pumpkins. They are so bright and colorful. They also mean autumn is here. The leaves are going start changing colors and world is going to look all colorful. YAY!

Okay back to the pumpkin. I am happy with how it turned out. In fact it is pretty close to what I envisioned, which doesn’t happen all that often. Only thing that kind of irks me, is that it looks to be slightly floating. I put a lot and I mean a lot of shadow color underneath it but I think it still needs more.



Day 81…rocky beach

This is rather loosely based on Lindsay’s Coastal landscape video. And I do mean loosely. I didn’t have any wax or even a white crayon handy, so there is no resist for the white caps or spray in the water. And I didn’t do hmmmm … Quite a few of the steps she did. 🙂

I did draw the general shapes as hers and then kind of just let the video play, while I played. Lol, it was one of those nights. I do like how it turned out. So let’s just go with it. 🙂


Day 80…wildflowers

So I thought I was going to paint a few lavender stalks/flowers, but I ended up with more of a generic wildflower. They turned out kind of pretty so I’m just going to go with it. 🙂


Day 79…Aspens part 2

Well look at that I actually completed 2 day painting. That is a first. I really like how the aspens and the foreground turned out and a little irritated at the leaf canopy. Although it looks okay-ish, I figured out, after the fact of corse, that the canopy area would have looked better if the preliminary wash had been lighter. The leaves I painted last night would have stood out more. Okay then, learned something and got cool tree trunks going. Good day all around.


Day 78…Aspens part 1

I’m not real big on doing paintings that take more than one session/day, so I normally do a new painting every time I sit down to paint. But last night I started a painting of aspens and realized this one would actually work better split up over two days.

Generally I am way too impatient to wait for paint to dry (which is why I have a dryer), but I know that you can get some cool blending of colors and effects if you just let the paint creep and do its thing.

So here is part 1. I have some nice soft background colors and interesting bushes and even some lacy fern like growth happening. Next up for part 2: pulling the masking tape off the aspen trees, leaf and grass details and maybe a small pine tree or two.

Stay tuned for Aspens part 2. 🙂