Well, you have found my latest spot for gathering up and sharing blender related data.

I have been using blender since 2000. That would be the 1.8 series of blender. 😛 And while I have learned a lot of things about blender, there always seems to be more to learn.

Content here may/may not be useful. I may or may not discuss various blender related areas of interest. For the most part, this blog will cover my progress (or lack thereof) in improving my blender skills as well as the more traditional arts of sketching and painting.

While most of the content here will be art related, there will also be articles/posts about other random things that grabbed my attention or interested me for one reason or another.

Ok, ok, here’s a little about me (a very little 😛 ). I am a semi-active member of the blender community. I have a bad habit of becoming obsessed with whatever my latest project is, so blog posts are often far and few in between.

I have not been overly good at posting about or uploading projects for the community to see, but that is something I plan to change. If I am going to continue to grow as an artist, then I need to learn how to accept critiques and apply what is suggested.

So in keeping with my goal to grow as an artist, feel free to leave suggestions, comments and feedback on whatever you find here. 🙂

Contact Information:

It has dawned on me, that I am not exactly the easiest person to find contact info for. So to save a few headaches for those of you who don’t have me at the top of your contact list, I can be contacted at:




Twitter Username: etagsmaerd


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