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Blenderart Magazine: Status update

We didn’t ride off into the sunset without warning, but we have been busy working on issue #40: 3D Printing. It is a big issue and between that and the holidays, we are running rather late with this issue. We have finished proofing the first draft of the magazine layout and it shouldn’t be much longer.

In other news, issue #41: Digital Sculpting only received 1 submission and due to the holidays I didn’t have time to write up all the threatened articles about fluffy bunnies and hearts, so I am going to hit the “re-wind button” and re-issue a new Call for Content #41 with a new topic that hopefully will generate more submissions.

The new Call for Content will be issued in a day or two, so be on the lookout for it and plan to submit all your blender awesomeness.

While BAM site is temporarily down, use these links

It would appear that once again we broke our website. Whoopsie!!!

In the meantime while our webmaster Nam beats the site back into submission, I have uploaded issue #37 and the blend files to my Google Drive and Dropbox accounts. So if you haven’t gotten your copy of issue #37 yet, you can pick it up at one of the following links.

BAM Issue #37 (Google Drive)

BAM Issue #37 (Dropbox)

Whoops, missing blend file found

There was supposed to be a blend file for Claas’ article on modeling an iphone. Somehow it didn’t get included in the blend download zip.

Okay I didn’t put it in because I totally forgot to grab it from Claas. 😛  I was obviously having a senior moment.

But I now have the file and nam has ever so nicely tucked it into the blend download zip file and you can download it at your convenience.

Blenderart Magazine issue #31 now corrected

We have corrected the errors in Pep Ribal’s article as well as some other mistakes and have re-uploaded it to our site. The mirrors should be updated within a few days.

Exciting New Contest Sponsored by Zoybar, Shapeways and Blenderart Magazine

Have you ever wanted to custom design your own electric guitar? Well here is your chance. Design and model your very own custom parts to attach to a Zoybar electric guitar hardware kit. Continue reading