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Blender Cookie – Tip: Using the Masonry Add-on

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OMG!, this is the coolest addon ever. Jonathan shows how to use the Masonry addon in his latest BlenderCookie tip tutorial. In addition to showing the addon, he shows you how to easily use arrays and the deform modifier to create a cool circular courtyard.

I can see so many uses for this addon to create fun models. Beyond the obvious fantasy/castle wall idea, you could make old stone walls, stone cottages, roads, plazas, wells, towers. Delete bricks/stones here and there and start creating your own ruins or maybe an archeology type scene.

hmmm, creative brain buzzing on overdrive. I just love the possibilities.

Free e-book: Programming Add-ons for Blender 2.5

Free e-book: Programming Add-ons for Blender 2.5 at BlenderNation.

I love reading BlenderNation. They always have the best news. Today there was a post about a free ebook on programming add-ons for Blender 2.5

Witold Jaworski has written a comprehensive 135 page ebook that explains how to program an Add-on for Blender.

I just downloaded it myself and plan on reading it as soon as I have a few minutes. Not that I have any delusions about becoming a master python programmer, but I do keep hoping that if I read enough about python, eventually it will take and I can join the python writing ranks. 😛


Laplacian Lightning Generator Blender 2.5 at BlenderNation

Laplacian Lightning Generator Blender 2.5 at BlenderNation.

HOLY COW! Would you look at that. I just read on BlenderNation about a Lighting generator add-on.

An ADD-ON that makes Lightning!!!!

Now how cool is that?

At the rate add-ons are added in addition to the speed of Blender development, makes us of the luckiest users ever.

More Information, Blend file and Add-on Script:

And you can join in the discussion here at BA

Way too cool!

New Texture Paint Plus Add-On for Blender

Bart Crouch has written a cool new blender add-on, Texture Paint Plus.

General information
Texture Paint Plus (TPP for short) is an add-on to improve the texture paint workflow in Blender. The script is based on ideas by Julio Iglesias Lopez.

Feature summary

  • Draw straight lines
  • Replace images textures with UV grids
  • Easy access popup
  • Consolidate images!
  • Several speed hotkeys

The Texture Paint Plus page contains instructions, a breakdown of the add-on, a demo video and download links.

There is also a discussion thread at

Nah nah, I actually did it!

Okay so the other night I watched Patrick Boelen’s tutorial on how to code an Audio Visualizer in Python. After watching it, I came to the conclusion that I could do that.

Okay, I could do that as long as I had the video open and was quick on the pause button. 😛

So today, I sat down opened blender and started the video. Several hours later, (okay, I know I am slow) I had managed to get the first part done. I had a working audio visualizer. The one that just went in straight lines across the rows.

I was VERY excited. 😛

Next up, the spiral version. I typed in everything just like Patrick. I double, triple checked and then checked again.

No joy!

My spiral thing wasn’t working, in fact I wasn’t even getting a 5×5 grid of cubes. I was getting 3. That’s right 3. Not 3 rows, 3 cubes period. You can’t make a cool spiral thingy with just 3 cubes. I tried, it just looks stupid. 😦

After messing with it for a while I finally noticed that I was missing an “s”. Yep one little “s” was stopping my python amazingness.

Who would have thought an “s” was so important. But just for future infos, row does not equal rows in python. Apparently python is very fussy about that. Who knew. 😛

And I am now such a pro (I wish 🙂 ), that I even changed the song to another one I had on my hard drive. So how cool am I. And the best part, is that now that I have it working, I NEVER HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN!!!

I know how to reopen a file and copy paste. 😛 I might even be able to figure out how to save it out as a py script. 🙂 Just kidding, I actually do know how to do that. So for any project, all that is needed is setting the rows and columns and choosing my song.

Now if I can just convince Patrick to do a sequel to maybe make it random, that would be awesome. Not required, but very cool. 🙂