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New Gallery Page

When I set up this site, I wasn’t overly happy with my gallery page. Google page creator doesn’t have a gallery template and well, we all know that I am not overly talented at writing any kind of code. So I ended up spending the better part of a year looking for a gallery solution that not only wasn’t painful to set up, but also would be easy to use once it was installed.

I have finally gone with setting up a picasa web album and embedding a flash slide show into my gallery page. It has some nice features. The biggest being that I can upload an image to my web album and my little slide shows will update automatically. Virtually painless. Also, I can create different albums for different projects as I work on them and embed slide shows for each of them rather easily. So while this wasn’t the type of set up I had in mind when I started searching, it does work very well for what I actually want to do. Or more accurately, it works for what I don’t want to do, namely spend lots if time or energy just adding images to my site.

Currently there is only one album, “Misc Finished Projects” which contains all the images that had previously been on my gallery page, but I will be setting up other album slide shows as I start/finish projects.

Autumn and Spooky Trees

I have always loved autumn, falling leaves and interesting old trees. So of course I just had to create an old tree character. Which puts me right in the mood for Halloween. You can check it out in the New album (Blender Tests) I created just for tests and study images.

I will be using the Blender Test album for various tool tests and learning exercises, as well as for ideas that I am trying out for whatever reason.

Now that I have a spooky tree, I might just have to create a Halloween scene for him to haunt. 😛

Ads Have Appeared

You may notice that there are now ads in the navigation sidebar. Blame it on an over developed sense of curiosity. I kept seeing ads for Google Adsense and that you could make money by just putting a few of these little ads on your page. Well finally curiosity won and there they are. So if you are inclined, go ahead and click a link or two. Heck you are welcome to come back often and click links/ads if you want. If I actually make any money off it, I plan on buying totally useless items online. 😛

Essential Blender Has Shipped

Snap! last month was busy. “Essential Blender” shipped, looks like it is being well received. Blenderart magazine keeps rolling merrily along. And I have been trying to get through Tony Mullen’s book “Introducing Character Animation with Blender” as well as working through “Essential Blender”. I am also in the planning stages of 2 projects. One will be a short “music video” type of animation. It is a good way to practice timing and lip syncing. I am also working on a still image with my teen daughter.


Well finished up my big project. Time to get modeling and I’m going to start by working through Tony Mullen’s book “Introducing Character Animation with Blender”. It has been sitting on my desk for a month and a half and now I finally have time to read it and apply all newly learned knowledge.

I have managed to model one image in the last month or so. Lighting is bad as usual, something I really need to work on, but the modeling and texturing isn’t too bad. Check the gallery for Gear Daisy and Boltman