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Day 366…sunny days, #WorldWatercolorMonth day 1

I am so excited to participate in #WorldWatercolorMonth again. This is actually my 3rd year. The first year I ended up with 31 paintings but had to do catch up days where I did several at a time. Last year I did it one a day, and was so tickled with myself that I continued on throughout the year with at least one a day right back to #WorldWatercolorMonth.

While I have painted all kinds of things over the last year, I find it fun to follow the daily prompts that Charlie provides every month. Because of all those prompts, I have painted subjects I would have never given any thought to otherwise. The only way to grow is to keep trying new things.

Last night the prompt was “sunny days”, which always makes me think of flowers for some reason. So golden poppy-ish flowers is what appeared in my sketchbook.

#worldwatercolorgroup, #WorldWatercolorMonth


Day 365…party

I’m really not a party kind of gal. I would much rather go hang out in nature than party. Especially at scenic mountain lakes, maybe with all my art supplies spread out around me. 😄


Day 360 thru day 364

Before you ask, no I didn’t forget days 358 and 359. Last year I took part in World Watercolor Month which started on July 1st and went all through the month. I was so tickled that I actually painted every day in July, I decided to see how long I could go without missing a day.

I’m happy to say, I have painted every single day since last July 1st. Unfortunately I am not as good at posting everyday as I am at painting everyday. And even more sad, I discovered yesterday that I can’t count. I had decided that the best way to keep track was to number each painting in a blog post, which explains the whole “Day + #” format of each blog post for the last year. And to make doubly sure, I wrote the numbers down in my planner along with the topic/name of each painting.

You would think that would keep it all straight. Nope, I discovered yesterday that I am off by two numbers. And since I am pretty sure the year didn’t get longer by two days, the obvious conclusion is that I can’t count. So I have adjusted my count to reflect the proper numbers. 😃😃😃

Day 360: strawberries

Day 361: lakes

Day 362: pineapples

Day 363: popsicles

Day 364: umbrellas


Day 357…pools

I looked at bunch of reference images of pools last night. And honestly wasn’t feeling it. So I poked about a bit more and found a cute photo of a flamingo floaty. Now that made me smile. So that is what got painted.


Day 356…backpack

I loved backpacks as a kid, but as I have gotten older I seem to be more drawn to tote bags. You can stuff just as much in one and it seems to be handier. At least to me. And then there’s the fact that there are just so many cute tote bags to choose from. Which might explain why I have so many of them.