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Day 198…puppy

I always end up with less than happy results anytime I have tried to paint my dog, so I found a good reference of a dauschaund instead. Which made me think of my mom’s dauschaund, Doodle fritz. She was a funny little thing with quite the attitude.

I think I made the nose a bit long, but it turned out better than any of my previous attempts at dogs/puppies. So yay me!

I really like how the background turned out. I put plastic wrap on it when it was still wet which made the lovely shapes I love. Lol, and because I used Daniel Smith amethyst, some of the shapes are shiny and sparkle, which I didn’t expect but I do find amusing.



Day 197…harmony

The only thing that came to mind for last night’s prompt was music. I actually sketched a music note an then it slid off into the background. But I kind of like the way it is kind of half not really there. Harmony could also apply to color, and while I wasn’t going for color harmony, I like the way these three colors play together. I use them alot because I like the way they look.

For all the curious, I used:

Quin gold (QoR)

Magenta (QoR)

Diox purple (QoR)


Day 196…shiny

I found a shiny object with no reflections…. Whoot, yay for apples!

Okay it’s not real shiny, but it is shiny enough.


Day 195…balloons

Oddly enough while I love the idea of balloons, I don’t overly like the in real life. They make a horrible sound, especially when my daughter gets ahold of one. Shudddderrr!

But I do love this litter guy floating away. 😆


Day 194…childhood

Some of my favorite childhood memories involve pinwheels. My mom loved pinwheels, so she often bought us pinwheels to run around and play with. But even more fun was when she helped us make pinwheels. She would have us color pictures, generally with crayons. Then she would help us make the right cuts and folds and then we would attach them to straws with sewing pins. We would happily play with them for hours.