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Day 51…plein air

My family went on a fishing trip today, giving me an awesome opportunity to do some plein air. And for once I actually had time to finish my little painting.


Day 50…a splashy butterfly kind of day

I was really tired tonight, but I still wanted to paint something. I gave it some thought and decided I was up to some loose butterflies. Then I got distracted by how the water runs in rivulets down my new hot Press paper and kind of forgot about the butterflies. 🙂


Day 49…Hot Press; one strange critter

I have only been doing watercolor for about two years. Just long enough to get a little cocky about it. I had reached a level where more paintings were turning out pretty good, with a few awesomes vs “what the heck happened theres”.

Right up until a little over a month ago. Prior to July, I had been painting on wood pulp paper. In July I won a block of Hahnemuhle Cold Press paper (which is 100% cotton) from Charlie over at doodlewash.com.

Wood pulp, even good wood pulp, does Not and I mean DOES NOT, react the same as 100% cotton. So for the last month there has been a lot of trial and error figuring out how to paint on it. I have been making some progress and feeling very adventurous. 🙂

Last week I won a block of Hahnemuhle Hot Press. It arrived today. It kind of looks like a good Bristol but reacts kind of like cold press… but not. 🙂

New learning curve anyone? 🙂

Couple of things I noticed. Water sits more on top of Hot Press, where it soaks into Cold Press. Paint, even with lots of water, doesn’t flow with a big whoosh like Cold Press. But if you take your eye off it while painting a different area, it does this soft spreading thing that is kind of cool. Also the paint seems to be more transparent and airy looking. Which looks so soft and pretty.

All in all, one strange critter. But I like strange, so playing with this block of paper looks to be a fun experiment. 🙂


Day 48…landscape

Just a landscape I was playing with tonight. I was experimenting with brush strokes and may have gotten a bit carried away. Definitely overworked. Parts of it I really like, others not so much.


Day 47… I learned how to make Red Mud!

That’s not what I was supposed to be learning, but I made lovely red mud anyhow. 🙂

I was actually working on Angela Fehr’s summer challenge for this week, which was Line and Wash. So I drew four poppy sketches. The top two I liked, the bottom two not so much. But the whole point was to practice technique, so I decided to paint them even though I didn’t like them.

And that is when I discovered how to make Red Mud. 🙂