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#20 & 21 of #WorldWatercolorMonth 

So goal was to paint every day… Obviously not happening, but on days I do have time to paint I do my best to catch up. 

My goal is to have 31 paintings by end of July and I  think I will make it, one way or another. :) 

#19 #WorldWatercolorMonth 

Abstractish flowers flowed out of my paintbrush today. I think I have decided that Filbert brushes are my favorite. You can make fun strokes with them. 

#17 &  18 #WorldWatercolorMonth 

So yesterday for #17,I  decided I was going to paint berries. I had found a nice break down image on Pinterest that showed the steps to painting a nice blackberry. I did what they showed and did not end up with a nice blackberry😦

So I moved to an empty space on my page and tried a strawberry. It didn’t turn out very strawberry looking. 

Hmmmm…  So I see decided what the heck the page was already something of a loss and I didn’t have anything to lose so I just started putting paint down and swirling my brush and ended up with the strangest abstract ever. 

Um okay…. Works for me.  :) 

Today I was in the  mood for some happy little flowers. And I could just hear Bob Ross saying and we will just add a little happy flower here  and maybe some over here ;p

I giggled to myself the whole time. 

Sitting in the park 

Took my daughter to the park did a little painting. For those that can’t tell, that is a goose and a duck :) 

#WorldWatercolorMonth 16/31

Whoopsie doodle…

Whoopsie, looks like I haven’t been posting my paintings for #WorldWatercolorMonth for the last week or so. So here is #7-15.




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