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#inktober day 6, 7, 8

I no sooner get caught up,  than I am already behind again. Oh well, I might not be on time,  but I am still going to end up with 31 ink sketches for inktober.  😁




Blenderart Mag Issue #47 now available

10th annivWelcome to Issue #47, “What’s your Passion?

Welcome to our 10 Anniversary Issue where we look at “What’s Your Passion”. Following your artistic passions helps you grow and improves your artistic skills. While some of the things you might be exploring may not seem to connect to your previous artistic endeavors, be assured it will add to them one way or another. So here is a great opportunity to see how others follow their passions and maybe jump start a few of your own.

Table of Contents:

123D Tutorial

Exploring Character modeling

Interview with Reynante M

Ancient Beast Game Project

New Method for Subdivision

Interview with Ton Roosendaal

And Lot More…

Blenderart Magazine Mirrors, Torrents and Online links can be found at:

#inktober day 5

My daughter and I went to the $ store tonight and I saw this funny little jack o’lantern. He was solar powered dancing figure and he was funny enough I bought him to draw tonight.


Day 2,3,4 #inktober

Only a few days in and I am already playing catch up. But caught up I am, at least through today.




#inktober has started!!!!!

I participated in #inktober last year on a whim and loved it so much that I have spent the whole year waiting for it to roll around again.

And it is finally here!!!!

So here is day 1….

My interpretation of Medusa.



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