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Ann Charles: Jackrabbit Junction Mystery Series announces Book #4!

My favorite author just released book 4 in the Jackrabbit Junction Mystery series. I have already downloaded it and can’t wait to read it.

Quote from book:

“What’s up with you this morning? You’ve been acting all skittish and freaky-eyed since you came out of the library.”

“Something feels weird here today.”

“Have you considered that maybe you’re the one feeling weird today?”

“Listen, dear sister of mine, you’re supposed to be helping me keep an eye out for thugs and instead you’re spending all of your time pointing out my faults.”

“As your loving sister,” Claire started.

“Loving?” Ronnie let out a bark of laughter.

Claire continued, speaking louder over Ronnie’s sarcastic laughs, “It’s my job to be honest with you. So here’s a hard truth you need to swallow: You have not only moved into paranoia-ville, you’re running for mayor now.”

“It takes a paranoid nut to know one.”

~Ronnie and Claire

~Jackrabbit Junction Mystery Series announces Book #4! The Rowdy Coyote Rumble #annwcharles #JackrabbitJunctionMysterySeries #TheRowdyCoyoteRumble

I can now draw a box

One of my goals this year is to conquer perspective drawing. I have already watched the perspective course at CGCookie and now I am working through the Cityscapes sketch workbook from 3DTotal.

And after 2 days of practice I can draw a box. Lol,  next lesson covers making the box look like a building.


New CGTrader Contest: First Model Challenge

CGTrader just launched a new monthly competition for starters in 3D industry called First Model Challenge. They want to encourage new people to start their 3D modelling careers, so they decided to organize this challenge – a first one of a kind for us as well – with 500 hours of rendering as a prize for the winner.

This is a fun way for people who are interested in the 3D world, but not yet fully in it to join in the fun. 

You can find more information (concrete prizes, concept, rules) here:

Daily sketch 1 & 2

First 2 sketches of the year. Still on track. Let’s see how long that lasts.  😄



Closing out 2015

Well, another year is gone and it’s that time to see how many of my goals I managed to meet for 2015. I didn’t make too many in hopes that fewer goals would mean that I actually could meet them.

2015 Goals

  • Read at least one chapter from a Unity book a day
  • One Drawing/sketch a day
  • One Blender tutorial a day
  • read 200 books

I came close on a couple and total epic fail on the other two.

First up I read 193 books this year. I am an eclectic reader so I read a number of different genres, although I do have a fondness for anything paranormal.  I just barely missed reaching my goal, so I’m setting the same goal for 2016.

I read two of the Unity books I have in my collection but did not manage the one chapter a day goal I had set. Which also means I still have 10 odd Unity books still to get through. And silly me, I keep collecting Unity books, even though I haven’t read all the ones I already have. So this year I plan to work my way through as many of them as I have time for. :P

While I watched quite a few blender tutorials, yep once again, not the one a day I planned on. Life has a way of not giving me a lot of time to just sit and watch videos. I am generally multi-tasking all over the place. So this year, watch as many videos as I can find time for.

And the last one, lol, this one amuses me to no end. I wanted to do at least one sketch a day. I ended the year with 381 sketches. Yay me! Funny part: this would imply that I met my goal and then some….not quite. While I tried to sketch every day, I missed days here and there, but other days I would spend all day sketching and end up with a half dozen or more sketches for the day. Way to meet a goal but still miss it. :P So this year, same goal one sketch a day.

New goals for 2016

  • Read 200 Books
  • Work through my growing Unity book collection
  • Watch as many Blender videos as I can find time for
  • One sketch a day
    • work on anatomy
    • work on perspective
    • continue to expand and explore sketching topics (Daily Sketching Workout on Facebook)
  • Spend more time exploring watercolor painting
    • I really like this one, but I don’t sit down often enough to practice and play with it

Okay there you have it another year of artistic goals planned that are totally achievable, how do you plan to spend 2016.


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