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Day 140…peppers

Lol, my peppers ended up looking somewhat like pumpkins. Strange drippy paint pumpkins… in green and red. Hmm that still actually works, what with Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner.

This was actually one of those paintings that when I finished realized that I should have stopped about 3 steps back. Most definitely should have reconsidered not spraying it after I did the inking in my new favorite ink Robert Oster’s Melon Tea. But I do like the way the ink reacts to water.



Day 139…pear

Well actually prickly “pear” cactus. I had already painted pears a few times and wasn’t really in the mood to do it again just yet. So when I was looking at references I saw an image of a prickly pear cactus and decided that looked like much more fun. You can’t really mess up a prickly pear cactus, because they grow in random configurations all on their own. Their random nature makes them fun to loon at and even more fun to paint.


Day 138…green beans

When you hear someone say green beans, you might assume the beans are actually green. Unless of course I painted them. Here lately I have been exploring alternate colors when painting. Lol, which pretty much means I am not overly concerned if my colors are realistic or not. And in the case of my green beans, some are actually purple. Which makes me smile and wonder if purple beans would taste good. Maybe with a bit of bacon.


Day 137…maize

Maize or Indian corn is so colorful and pretty. No matter what time of year I see it, I always think of of Autumn and Thanksgiving. Most likely, because the stores are full of displays celebrating (and advertising) the start of the holiday season. Which they are starting earlier every year, something that really irritates me. But that has nothing to do with my painting so I will rant about that another day. 😄

OK on with my painting.


Day 136…cherries

I couldn’t decide whether to paint cherries or cherry blossoms… so I painted both. Objects that appear to be only one color kind of mess me up. I know cherries are not just red, but getting it all to blend right can be tricky. On the up side, even though I know how to mix colors I had more fun playing with all my red paints… just because I could.