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Day 260… Flowery

I love painting flowers. It is one of the few things you don’t have to get exactly right in order for it to still look good. I also get to paint my flowers any color I want. So I have a blue poppy-ish looking flower along with a couple of orangey pinkish ones.



Day 259…rich

Once upon a very long time ago, the color purple was reserved for royalty. Purple dye was hard to make and therefore very expensive. Even though purple is no longer a royalty color, it still conveys the sense of being rich and luxurious, especially when it is a deep dark purple. I decided that floating purple feathers was a fun way to explore the richness of all the purples in my palette.


Day 258…lucky

When I was a kid I would spend hours looking through patches of clover for that elusive 4 leaf clover. Over the years I have found a few and just as quickly lost them. Lol, I guess lucky plant life only stays around for a sort time.


Day 257…cute

I found the cutest image of a soft fuzzy koala. Mine didn’t turn out very fuzzy and when I had finished painting him I was convinced that it was a hot mess and then some. But the next morning he didn’t look too bad. He has the cute factor even though he doesn’t look to furry.


Day 256…shiny

Lucky for me there are all kinds of things that are shiny. Some of them are actually fairly easy to paint. Like cherries.