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10 days of daily paintings

Fun fact; while taking photos of my paintings so I could post them, I realized there was an cool upside to procrastinating and then doing a big batch post. Any less than awesome paintings are not quite as obvious or prominently showcased versus posting them daily with nothing else to look at.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

So here we go, the last 10 daily paintings.

  • Day 441…cream filled donuts (I so wanted donuts that night)
  • Day 442…red panda day (I used a reference and he still looks more like a puppy than a red panda)
  • Day 443…guacamole day (I might just try using the skin as a dish, it looks fun)
  • Day 444…country music day (I painted the country part, you have to do you own singing 😄)
  • Day 445…cheeseburger day (mmmm…. I love cheeseburgers)
  • Day 446…talk like a pirate day (arggg… a sea of green is all I see)
  • Day 447…punch day (when I think of punch, I actually think about kool-aid fruit punch, not pretty punch bowl punches)
  • Day 448…minature golf day (so not feeling the whole golf thing, so I painted some birthday cards instead 😁)
  • Day 449…elephant appreciation day (I used a reference of an adult elephant, but mine ended up looking more like a baby elephant… ahhhh the magic of paint in action)
  • Day 450…invent your own day (so yesterday was “My daughter is obsessed with flamingos day” and I painted her a flamingo birthday card)

Wheeew, that was a lot of typing. And on to adding all the photos. 😅

Day 440…peanut day

My favorite way to eat peanuts is actually in peanut butter cookies. Yum. My mom always made the best cookies. Double yum. Sigh now I want peanut butter cookies. Lol, who knew painting would make you so hungry.


Day 439…chocolate milkshake day

Not one, but two yummy shakes. Mmmm, I going to go see if I have I cream in the freezer.


Day 430 through Day 438

Well that didn’t last long. I posted a huge batch of daily paintings and told myself that I would post everyday. I managed two whole days and lost it again. I need to find a set time for posting. My daily paintings are easy, I paint later in the evening after my daughter has gone to bed. Maybe I should commit to posting the day before painting before I start painting for that day. It might work…. or not 😁.

Anyhow on to my paintings.

Day 430…skyscraper day. (mine are in the clouds… sort of)

Day 431…wildlife day (I painted two birthday cards instead)

Day 432 cheese pizza day (well actually cheesy bread from Little Caesars)

Day 433…read a book day (I liked how this one turned out)

Day 434…salami day (I got a cool salami like texture using salt while the paint was wet)

Day 435…iguana awareness day (worst looking iguana ever 😁)

Day 436…grandparents day (I was in the mood to paint an abstract flower)

Day 437…tv dinner day (we didn’t eat a lot of TV dinners growing up, mom made homemade potpies instead)

Day 438…make your bed day (I don’t want to and you can’t make me, just kidding, I make my bed every morning)

OK, all caught up on posting for now.

Day 429…pet rock day

I remember when pet rocks were all the rage. They were fun and silly. Just a rock on shredded paper in a little cardboard box. I never had an official pet rock, but that didn’t stop me from going and find3a rock and declaring it to be my pet.

These days, although you can still get the official pet rock, painted rocks are the “in thing”. I have seen some seriously cute ones painted to look like various little animals. Unfortunately about the best I have managed is a lady bug or two. 🤗