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I love the way wild flowers just spring up wherever they please. It almost seems as if they have a mind of their own. Lol, or as if Mother Nature just arbitrarily decides a random burst of color would look good right about here.

Then again, when I plant flowers I have a habit of pouring random packs of seeds in a bag, giving it a good shake and then just scattering them here and there myself. Maybe Mother Nature uses the same method. 😁



Mother and child…

I am utter rubbish at painting humans, so a prompt of “someone you love” caused a bit of consternation. Finally I got the idea of painting one of those stylized mother and child symbols.

And then I got lost painting swirls this way and that. I can still see the mother and child, but then again I know what I am looking at. 😉



Green things…

Lol, yesterday was St Patrick’s Day and the prompt was “green things”, so if course I decided to paint a clover/shamrock. Which I mostly accomplished… sort of. It’s green and vaguely clover-ish.

I’m far more impressed with the how the colors blended and played together. You can’t see it in the photo as well as the original, but the nickel azo yellow just glows against the green gold and also against the carmine at the bottom. So pretty. I’m going to remember that for some undetermined future painting. 😁



Undersea darks…

Angela Fehr released a video Friday on painting with dark colors, so last night I was playing with dark colors to see what I would get. This morning I decided it kind of reminded me of an undersea kind of look. So that is what I am calling it. 😁



Mmmm…. coffee…

When ever asked what my favorite drink is… the answer is always coffee. I can and do drink other things. I like strawberry lemonade, tea, and soda, but coffee is my favorite. I can drink it all day long and often do, right up until bedtime.