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Because it was silly and it made me smile…. 

I didn’t post a painting yesterday because although I painted, I painted swatches of my new Jane Davenport palette. Not really exciting to anyone but me.  🙂 

I hadn’t meant to buy new paints yesterday, but I saw Michael’s had sent me a 60% OFF coupon. It was obviously a sign that I needed more paint. 🙂 

Today while at the grocery store I saw those boxes of Sweetheart candies and it brought an immediate smile to my face.  Although they really don’t taste all that great, they do bring back all kinds of warm fuzzy childhood memories. So yes I bought two boxes, one for my daughter and one for me. Okay two for my daughter, but I told her I wanted to paint one before she could have it. 

So after dinner tonight, I sat down with my new JD palette and painted silly little candies because I could and because it made me smile. 

The little scattered candies look a little wonky… might have something to do with the fact that I may have eaten my reference models while I was painting them. 

Chinese lanterns 

Look at these fun little flowers (fruit?). I had never heard of them until I watched a tutorial on how to paint them. 

And for those of you following along, most of the paintings I have done lately and will be posting for the foreseeable future are from YouTube tutorials by Lindsay Weirich aka “the frugal crafter”. 

I love her tutorials because they are fairly short (makes it much easier to fit into my schedule) and she is seriously funny to listen to. 

So far this month

Well my painting has been hit and miss since the 1st,but the last several days I have finished one painting a day. So here they are in all their glory. 

Reflections and Resolutions 

So it’s that time of year when most of us look back on the last year and decide if any changes need  to be made. 

2016 was a busy year filled with too much reality and not enough time spent enjoying the little things that make life worth living. 

So that obviously needs to be rethought. 🙂 

One of the things I wish I had spent more time doing was painting and sketching. Now don’t get me wrong, I did do a fair amount. I painted or drew at least once a week. But art time is part of my “me time” and I know I am a happier me when I get to be all artsy and creative as much as possible. 

So resolution #1: more artsy time, much more time. I would like to spend at least 20 Minutes a day. But I  am realistic and know that life is going do it’s darndest to swipe my time with ultimately unimportant things.

Resolution #2: My reading goal for this year is 225 books. I read 220 in 2016, and there was about a month where I didn’t have time to read at all, so I think I pretty much have this one in the bag. 

And of course the last resolution for this year is the whole get healthier thing we all promise ourselves every year. I have already given up sugar in my coffee a couple of months ago and I eat very little refined sugary products, so I just need to take it further. Yep next to go is soda.  That one is a little bit of a bummer because I really like the bubbles. But have a soda stream and I have found some healthier recipes for flavoring. 

Well that is my plan, check back next year and see how I did or didn’t do. 🙂 

Fun weekend project

20161127_123547I don’t know how many of you do watercolor, but for those of you that don’t, here is an interesting little factoid. Watercolor paper is more expensive than sketch paper, considerably more. And if you want your watercolor paper in a nice block so it doesn’t buckle up, then that is twice as expensive as watercolor paper that you would buy loose or in a normal style pad. And wouldn’t you know it, I go through a lot of watercolor paper.

Which is how my weekend project got started. Last week I watched a youtube tutorial by Lindsey Weirich (the frugal crafter) on how to make my own watercolor block. It didn’t look hard and I successfully made a test block out of some watercolor paper I didn’t particularly like. And yes I actually followed all the directions (there weren’t many so even I could do it 😛 ).

Then I saw that Michaels Craft Store was having a huge sale on Strathmore paper. And even better I had a 25% off total purchase price coupon. Yep, you know I went right down and bought more watercolor paper. But before I did, I did a little thinking and a bit of math. And yes my head hurt by the time I was done 😛 .

I figured out that if I bought (3) 11×15 in pads, I could cut each pad down to (4) 5×7 in pads. Hmmmm, that sale is looking better and better.

Then I spent several hours actually cutting down all that paper, one sheet at a time with my seriously old paper cutter. Gonna rethink that part for next time, Office Depot is going to be my new best friend for tedious tasks like cutting paper.

“Some assembly required” later, I had 12 nice watercolor blocks. Of which now I only have 10 because my daughter promptly ran off with 2.

Okay so here is the best part, final cost. 12 pads for a cost of $.91 each.

Although the price per pad then went up to $1.72 after I went and bought pretty paper to make covers. Still a dang good price.

For anyone who wants to watch the tutorial, you can watch it here: