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Days 500 through 521

Yes, you counted right 22 paintings since I last posted. Lol, I didn’t realize I had let it go quite that far. That is a new record even for me. Some of the paintings don’t match up with the prompt for that day and some only match up rather loosely.

There were a few I really liked, the ocean waves especially. Quite a few were very abstract and playful, which makes sense, considering I was in the mood to play that night.

There are two poinsettias. I did one last night for the prompt, but this morning I decided that I was not overly impressed, so I painted another first thing this morning.

Days 493 through 498

After the hectic pace of #inktober2018 and all the prompt lists I decided to do, this last week has been a nice mellow change of pace as I went back to just my daily watercolor paintings. The November prompt list for #worldwatercolorgroup is “make what you love”. So the prompts are are loose and open to interpretation. LOL, which means my paintings are are kind of all over the place. And what I love is just playing, so that is what I have done.


Lots of art

Lots of art going on here. Not a lot of posting. 😃

Two weeks of #inktober, #drawtober2018, #whimsyween2k18 and daily watercolor, as well as a group project “Daisy”.

It is somewhat odd seeing it all together. Some are in ink only, some in color, some watercolor. Some are good, a few are iffy and different styles all over the place as I experiment and play.

A look at what I painted last week

Last week was insane. #inktober started and I managed to talk myself into not one but four different prompt lists, as well as a two week mini workshop. And I still found time to watercolor everyday, whooo me.

So here are the prompts /paintings for days 2-7 of October’s prompt list from, and for those keeping track that would be days 459 – 464 of my ongoing daily watercolor challenge.


This week’s batch of daily paintings

Time for another big post of daily paintings. And although I am not making any promises, I will most likely be posting more regularly this month. I seem to decided to participate in a ridiculous number of artistic challenges this month. So here goes.


Day 451…family day

Day 452…dream days

Day 453…love note day

Day 454…ancestor appreciation day

Day 455…hug a vegetarian day

Day 456…heart day

Day 457…hot mulled cider day

Day 458…apples

#inktober /#drawtober2018