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New CGTrader contest: 3D CG Sci-Fi Challenge.

CGTracer has launched their new monthly contest, this time the theme is 3D CG Sci-Fi Challenge. There are some fun prizes from Allegorithmic, 3D Artist Online, Rayvision,, Daz3D, Next Limit, Exocortex, etc.

This is a fun way to explore your imagination.

For full contest rules and submission guidelines go to 3D CG Sci-Fi Challenge.

CGTrader: CG Environment Challenge

CGTrader has launched their newest contest. CG Environment Challenge.

from CGTrader:

Environment. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when reading this word? Rocks? Trees? Maybe your hometown? Dozens of different scenarios and all of them are the right ones, as we decided not to put any limits on this challenge!

So remove the imaginary boundaries, turn on your fantasy and create the environment that you are or would like to be surrounded by. Yes, it means that your models can be both realistic and imaginary, just keep in mind that the natural environment should dominate.

It doesn’t matter whether you are professional or just starting your path down the road to becoming a skilled 3D artist – surprise the judges with the originality of the model / rendering, artistic skills, or quality, and win great prizes that will help you create even more amazing models.

The best visionary proposals will receive awesome prizes: DOSCH 3D: Splash Effects packages by Dosch Design, Colimo and RealPerception licenses by Motiva CG, plugins of choice by R&D Group, courses of choice by 3D Buzz, subscriptions for three months by Digital Tutors, credits and promotional features by CGTrader.

Compel us by recreating nature or designing a completely different environment to what we are used to live in! We want to see it!

You should all know how these work, but in case you need to, all the rules and deadlines can be found here:



Book Review: Blender 3D Basics Beginner’s Guide Second Edition

I recently received a e-copy of Blender 3D Basics Beginner’s Guide Second Editionfrom Packt Publishing by Gordon Fisher. Okay not so recently, it has been about a month or so. :P Holiday madness caught up with me and delayed my review.

Anyhow, on to the book. This is the second edition of his book, so much of the content is the same as is to be expected with updates where appropriate. The original was a great a book and the second edition is as well.

This book is definitely geared for a beginner, that is not to say that more advanced users won’t learn a thing or two as well, but it is aimed at getting a new user up to speed in Blender through a series of simple exercises and projects broken down into easy to accomplish steps.

To start the author gives a brief introduction to the history of 3d and animation and goes into getting familiar with Blender itself. Then takes the reader through a series of short exercises to provide a framework for understanding how Blender works.

After getting familiar with Blender, the reader gets to the fun stuff. In this case modeling and animating not one, but two different boats. The second boat, a sloop, is then put into an ocean scene and animated. Throughout the sections on the boats, the author introduces basic modeling and animation techniques that provide a good foundation for future exploration of Blender.

The Cycles engine is covered as well as the Video Sequence Editor. Throughout the book, the author provides links to useful resources that give the reader further information and/or resources to either complete the lessons or provide better understanding of a concept. In the provided data pack download there are bonus chapters with more in depth coverage of a few more useful topics.

In addition to links to added resources, the author provides blend files for ever major step in the exercises so the reader can poke and prod to their heart’s content.

Overall I enjoyed Blender 3D Basics Beginner’s Guide Second Edition. The second edition is as well written as the first edition and a useful place for the beginner Blender user to learn how to use blender and get the basics required to explore further on their own.

Book Details

  • File Size: 32423 KB
  • Print Length: 526 pages
  • Publisher: Packt Publishing (August 26, 2014)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00N2RWO34

CGTrader: 3D Robot Challenge

As artificial intelligence is evolving and the machine-administered era is approaching, CGTRader is launching 3D Robot Challenge to encourage designers to share their vision of the high-tech future.

The 3D designers will be competing for the best 3D Robot model and the best 3D Robot portfolio to win prizes worth more than $7000.

Submission Deadline Feb 15, 2015

from CGTrader

The new generation of robots is nothing like the sandwich-maker-type of machines that we thought them to be 20 years ago. Modern robots can look and behave like humans, pushing the imagination boundaries to extreme lengths. Here at CGTrader we think robots are cool and they’ll be integral to our future, but everyone knows that creative projects like building a robot have to start from the basics – it starts with an idea. What will the robot look like? What functions and features will it have? Will it be a cute, functional, military, utilitarian or steampunk machine? We love them all, bring it on!

The CG Robots Challenge is designed with 3D artists in mind who are interested in exploring new concepts and creating something fresh and mind-bending. Don’t worry about rules or restrictions – there are none. All 3D robot designs are welcome, but we thought you might want to know that we’re very bad at saying no to inventive and new ideas. Can you imagine (and 3D model) the future today? Then we want to see it! Showcase your skills and win prizes worth more than $7000!

Packt $5 eBook Bonanza is back

5 Dollar - Social MediaThe ebook Bonanza was such a hit that it is making a return appearance!!! That’s right, any Packt ebook or video for just $5.00. Whoot!!!! Time to stock up!

The sale is running  from today until 6th Jan 2015, so get on over there and get yourself a couple.

Here are some fun shortcut links straight to my favorite sections

Main Page

Game development

Creative books 


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