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Call for Content: Blenderart Magazine#48

We are ready to start gathering up tutorials, making of articles and images for Issue # 48 of Blenderart Magazine.

The theme for this issue is “Time Flies: 10 years of Blenderart Magazine”

Blenderart Magazine is 10 years old and we are going to celebrate by asking for projects, images and animations that you have done in the last 10 years. The older the better. What is your oldest project? Are you brave enough to share it with us?

Looking for:

  • *Old projects
  • *Old work arounds that have been rendered obsolete by improvements to Blender
  • *All About Articles: memories about how it used to be, the problems you encountered and how you solved it

*warning: lack of submissions could result in an entire issue of strange sculpting experiments, half completed models and a galley filled with random bad sketches by yours truly….😛 …… goes off to start filling sketchbook with hundreds of stick figures, just in case.😛


Send in your articles to sandra
Subject: “Article submission Issue # 48 [your article name]”

Gallery Images

As usual you can also submit your best renders based on the theme of the issue. The theme of this issue is “Time Flies: 10 years of Blenderart Magazine”. Please note if the entry does not match with the theme it will not be published.

Send in your entries for gallery to gaurav
Subject: “Gallery submission Issue # 48”

Note: Image size should be of 1024x (width) at max.

Last date of submissions December 5, 2015.

Good luck!
Blenderart Team

#inktober # 30 & 31

Well #inktober is over once again.  And somehow I am short one sketch.  I was keeping track but when I counted them up today,  I discovered I went from 27 to 29.  Whoopsie doodle.

This year didn’t seem to go as smooth as last year.  It seemed harder to find time to sit down and sketch. And the quality of my sketches seemed to be all over the place.

But another year done and a stack of new sketches to look back on,  so all said and done I had fun and will be back to do it again next year.



#inktober # 29


CGTrader: CG Architecture Challenge

CGTrader had so much fun with their last Architecture Challenge, that they have decided to do it again.


They have partnered up with great companies giving away valuable prizes for the winners with the prize pool at almost $17 000.

So you all know the deal, head on over to their site for all the rules and design specs as well as their spectacular list of prizes.

#inktober #21-#27

A weeks worth of #inktober sketches. 😁









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