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#WorldWatercolorMonth starts today

An entire month of watercolor paintings adding beauty and color to the world as painters the world over join in Charlie’s dream. 

Here is my painting for today. It is painted on handmade watercolor paper using White Knights and Jane Davenport’s watercolors. 

#WorldWatercolorMonth is all over

The goal was to paint daily for the 31 days of July. It didn’t take long for me to miss a day here  and there and start playing catch up. 

Although I didn’t actually complete 31, I  did get 27 done which I decided was a pretty good showing considering how busy I was in July. 

So are the two I finished in July, #26 &  #27.

Tried something new

So here is painting #25 of #WorldWatercolorMonth. I obviously didn’t stay caught up for long, but I am still going and working on it. 

I decided to try something new and paint a character. I generally stay away from painting faces but no time like the present to try something new. 

It didn’t turn out amazing but it did turn out pretty good considering how rarely I paint faces. 

Whoot I am all caught up 

As of today I am all caught up for #WorldWatercolorMonth. 

I sat down and did #22, 23, &  24 today. 

#24 I  was trying to follow a tutorial by Mind of Watercolor on YouTube. Lol, I  watched what he did and listened to what he said and then still did my own thing.  🙂 

Yeah, you knew that was going to happen and so did I before I even started the video. But I did get a fairly cool leaf out of it and it was interesting to watch him paint. 

#20 & 21 of #WorldWatercolorMonth 

So goal was to paint every day… Obviously not happening, but on days I do have time to paint I do my best to catch up. 

My goal is to have 31 paintings by end of July and I  think I will make it, one way or another. 🙂