Day 107… eyes, ghouls in glasses, fortune told

Day 15 of #inktober. Whoot half-way through the month and I am still here. I am highly impressed with my “stick to it-ness”. Three different prompts and my watercolor for the day is quite the challenge for my creativity, even with supplied prompts. And I have to laugh, the quality of my images seems to fluctuate quite a bit. Especially last night. The eyes turned awesome, the fortune teller is okay, the ghoul could have turned out better. Lol, but today is a new day and I have 3 new prompts to try. 😆

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Day 106…cocoa, skele-tinkerbell, dead diva

Day 14 of #inktober found me combing through Pinterest for reference images. Take the skele-tinkerbell for instance. Not only is my knowledge of anatomy rather lacking, I realized that I needed a reference of Tinkerbell herself so that she would look right. I decided to bag the skeleton thing and just dress her in a goth/bone outfit. I really like how she turned out. The dead diva was inspired by an image I saw when looking for Tink. Lol, I love the icky green color I made for her skin. And my poor cup of cocoa, I really need to practice perspective on cylinders. Even having a reference images didn’t help.

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Day 105… colorful, vampixies and mermaid bones

Day 13 of #inktober. While there are many “colorful” things to see in Autumn, my favorite is watching the trees turning color. It is by far one of my favorite things to see. Luckily I live in an area with an abundance of different trees that together create a wonderful chaos of color that just brings a smile to my face.

Pretty sure my “mermaid bones”are not anatomically correct, but the whole effect turned out pretty. I didn’t start out to create a rainbow type effect, but sometimes magic just happens.

My”vampixie” is another variation on the #swatchdoll idea. I love the #swatchdolls, they are fun and simple and have infinite creative possibilities.

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Day 104…squash, butterfly fangs, we’re all mad here

Day 12 of #inktober. While I like squash in general, I love acorn squash. It is my favorite. My mom used to clean out the seeds and put butter and brown sugar in the middle, then bake it until it was all soft and carmelized. As an adult, I know that this is not the healthiest easy to eat squash, but as a kid it was my favorite veggie ever. 😆

My butterfly cracks me up. It didn’t turn out quite the way I imagined, but she ended up with the oddest expression on her face. I love her.

And then there is my Alice. I have never painted or drawn an Alice before last night, but she turned out perfect. Well perfect for me. 😉

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Day 103…spices, magical mummies, spell bound

Day 11 of #inktober has as magical mummy. And since she is magical she got some gold shimmery ink, because we all know gold ink is super magical. 😆

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