Dsy 114…barn, rip-eter pan, masquerade

Day 22 of #inktober. Hmm, considering I don’t draw many buildings, I think my barn turned out pretty darn good. It looks likea barn, which is always a plus. 😆

My masquerade gal cracks me up. Most of the faces I draw have little to no emotion, kind of an indifferent neutral expression. But this one looks kind of pissy/irritated. Which is too funny.

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Day 113…corn, Alice in candyland, magic mirror

Day 21 of #inktober. Just an odd combination of prompts today. Made for a good creative stretching of my imagination. One unexpected benefit of insanely deciding to tackle several month long challenges all at once, is that my sketch speed has improved. Although I have to admit that it helps immensely to sketch in ink, because you can’t really fuss about where your line falls on the page. In ink, where it lands is where it lands. You just deal with it and continue on. 😆

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Day 112…pears, witchin boots, Davenwitch

Day 20 of #inktober. I am doing great at keeping up with all my artsy challenges this month. Not doing so great at getting them posted as I do them. 😄

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Day 111…orange, marie antoinervous, poisonous pixie

Day 19 of #inktober. Lol, I have inked and painted several sets of pumpkins this month. But one of the prompts for yesterday was “orange”, sooooo pumpkins it is. 😄

My Marie Antoinervous actually looks nervous which was too cool, but my poisonous pixie looks totally indifferent to her poison dripping out of the bottle.😁

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Day 110…cozy, sparkling shadows, evil queen

Day 18 of #inktober. These prompts required thought, which would have been fine except my imagination was on the blink. So “cozy”, hmmm… resulted in a cozy sweater and a hot cup of coffee. “Sparkling shadows”, now that was funny. To have shadows you need something to cast the shadow. So I decided to draw a pumpkin with wings, why?, ummm , because I could. 😃 And then went to put the shadow in using purple glitter ink. But then I got a little carried away with the ink and my shadow turned into a sparkly background instead. Ummm whoopsie, okay guess that works. 😃 The “evil queen” though, fell together pretty easy. I am so loving drawing and painting #swatchdolls.

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