Cloud tree…

I know the prompt was “boats”, but vehicles don’t really thrill me. Well actually anything with hard lines isn’t not really my cup of tea. I prefer organic shapes and ma more to nature subjects. So I painted a cloud tree.

A while ago there was a cool photo floating around Facebook ofa bare tree with an amazing cloud formation behind it that looked like foliage. And I decided last night that would be far more fun to paint than a boat.

Lol, I love the first layer, then it kind of lost something when I added in the tree trunk. That’s the way it goes. 😁



Do you wanna go…

To the beach, plant an umbrella and watch the waves roll in? Maybe play in the waves as they kiss the shore. Look for seashells and pretty rocks. Sit under the umbrella and paint the inspiration as it rolls in.

Well then, let’s go, my sketch bag is always packed and ready to go. 😁

*interesting side note, the same paper towel technique for lifting clouds, also makes a cool rolling wave.



Summer treat…

Although you can get most fruits and vegetables year round these days (thanks to hot houses and imports from other countries), some things still just remind me of summer.

Watermelon being one of my favorites. You knew it was summer when watermelon appeared in the stores and fruit stands.

A couple of summers ago, my daughter and I were eating an amazing amount of watermelon. So much in fact, that I got concerned that maybe we might being doing a bit of damage to our health, considering they are mostly water. Such a silly worry. Watermelons are filled with nutitrients. Yay watermelon! Worry averted and watermelon consumption resumed. 😀




We have had some pretty spectacular thunderstorms here in Idaho off and on for the last month or so. And while I don’t enjoy being out in them, I do love to watch them. The sky fills with amazing cloud formations in various colors, thunder booms, the wind howls and lightning streaks across the sky. Mother Nature throws an amazing tantrum around here.

One night it dang near looked like fireworks with all the strikes flashing here and there. Then the rain came down by the bucket full.

I tried to capture the feeling of an Idaho thunderstorm, with decidedly mixed results. I used a white crayon to draw my lightning before I painted the clouds. I’m not sure I like the effect it gave, I’m going to explore other methods of creating lighting to see what looks best.



I remember…

When VCRs were a brand new thing. They were kind of expensive when they first hit the market. But luckily, video stores appeared shortly after VCRs did. And not only could you rent movies, you could rent that new-fangled VCR.

My family would go to the video store on a Saturday morning, where we would each get to pick out a movie. Mom would make big bowls of popcorn and we would spend all day watching movies.

You can still rent movies today, but somehow it just isn’t quite the same. These days you just get online and stream the movies straight to you TV. Sigh, just not not the same at all.