CGTrader Contest: Aliens in Space

Ok CG enthusiasts, you should all know the drill. You have about a month to create a masterpiece and compete for an awesome list of prizes.

All the rules and prizes can be found on CGTrader :

CGTrader has reached 200,000 registered users

To celebrate their achievement, they have created a fun infographic highlighting some of the awesome things that have happened this year. One of the best things they have done in my opinion is hosting 30 design contests. These contests are a great way to show your skills and compete for some great prizes.

CGTrader: CG Furniture Challenge

This month’s challenge is furniture! And there is $3500 worth of prizes up for grabs.

from CGTrader

Can you imagine your life without a soft and comfortable bed to lay after an extremely intensive day? What place would you choose to eat at if there were no chairs, sofas and tables invented?

It’s a fortune – we are living in the ages, which bring us countless number of extraordinary and unique furniture designs. Thus, we decided to expand the supply even more and run CG Furniture challenge! We believe it’s the best time to give the opportunity for furniture designers to compete with each other for the recognition and marvelous prizes.

You are free to design any kind and any style of furniture. Medieval style chair or futuristic couch – everything works. Surprise us and surpass yourself! Don’t forget that one model could be only for one challenge and should be uploaded during the challenge period.

Our amazing sponsors are ready to give the best they can to motivate you even more! This time we have partnered up with Ranch Computing, SketchList and Landscape Architects Network.

Don’t lay in bed, design one instead giving your best shot!


You can find more information (concrete prizes, concept, rules) here:

CGTrader Flora and Fauna Challenge

CGTrader has just launched a new competition for CG lovers and designers – Flora and Fauna challenge. They are offering really amazing prize pool, which reaches more than $7,000 in prizes. Sponsors for this competition include Exlevel, Rayvision, Laubwerk, Greyscalegorilla, CG Cookie and Happy Digital on a board.

Of note to Blender users, CG Cookie is offering a free CG Cookie membership!!!

As usual, all the rules and requirements can be found at the CGTrader site:

CGTrader Awards

CGTrader asked it’s large community of members about their favorite CG resources and when the votes were all in CG Cookie as well as Blender itself scored highly in the voting.

If you want to see the voting results as well as all the categories voted upon, head on over to CGTader.


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