Day 232…river

Painting rivers is some of a hit and miss thing for me. So I was pretty happy with how this one turned out. 🤗 I love how the paint mixed together and how soft the whole thing looks.



Day 231…mushrooms

When I was looking at references of mushrooms last night, I realized that mushrooms come in so many shapes and colors that I could draw a mushroom just about any way I like. Score! I love subjects that allow me to just do whatever I want and have it still look good.


Day 230…trees

Yesterday I watched a short tutorial over at scratch made journal’s blog. It was a short little tutorial on painting a winter tree scene. I guess it stuck with me, because hours later when I sat down to paint “trees” for yesterday’s prompt, I’ll be darned if I didn’t channel that video right onto my page. I didn’t do it quite like she did, but I ended up with a rather similar result. 🤗


Day 229…lady bug

I always loved spotting lady bugs when I was a kid. Okay, I still love seeing lady bugs. While not a huge insect fan, for some reason lady bugs have always made me smile. So last night was all smiles as I painted her.


Day 228…fish

Growing up in Idaho with active outdoorsy parents included lots of fishing trips. While Idaho has a fair variety of fish to catch, we seemed to catch mostly Rainbow trout. Lol, although that could very well be simply because of where Dad’s favorite fishing spots were.

Now when ever fish is mentioned, I automatically think of Rainbow trout and smile as I remember all those fishing trips. My brother, sister and I would play at Dad’s feet while he fished. Mom would be reading or crocheting and best of all, Dad would be softly singing under his breath, “Here fishy, fishy… Here fishy, fishy…”

Don’t laugh, it always worked. We always had fish for dinner that night. 🤗