New CGTrader contest: 3D CG Sci-Fi Challenge.

CGTracer has launched their new monthly contest, this time the theme is 3D CG Sci-Fi Challenge. There are some fun prizes from Allegorithmic, 3D Artist Online, Rayvision,, Daz3D, Next Limit, Exocortex, etc.

This is a fun way to explore your imagination.

For full contest rules and submission guidelines go to 3D CG Sci-Fi Challenge.

Just along for the ride…

Some days I can’t draw to save my life  and then some days it just seems to draw itself. And I am just along for the ride.

Today I am just along for the ride!


Sketch dump #3

And here are last week’s sketches. Some I liked a lot, ehhh some not so much.

image   image

image   image

image   image

image   image

CGTrader: CG Environment Challenge

CGTrader has launched their newest contest. CG Environment Challenge.

from CGTrader:

Environment. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when reading this word? Rocks? Trees? Maybe your hometown? Dozens of different scenarios and all of them are the right ones, as we decided not to put any limits on this challenge!

So remove the imaginary boundaries, turn on your fantasy and create the environment that you are or would like to be surrounded by. Yes, it means that your models can be both realistic and imaginary, just keep in mind that the natural environment should dominate.

It doesn’t matter whether you are professional or just starting your path down the road to becoming a skilled 3D artist – surprise the judges with the originality of the model / rendering, artistic skills, or quality, and win great prizes that will help you create even more amazing models.

The best visionary proposals will receive awesome prizes: DOSCH 3D: Splash Effects packages by Dosch Design, Colimo and RealPerception licenses by Motiva CG, plugins of choice by R&D Group, courses of choice by 3D Buzz, subscriptions for three months by Digital Tutors, credits and promotional features by CGTrader.

Compel us by recreating nature or designing a completely different environment to what we are used to live in! We want to see it!

You should all know how these work, but in case you need to, all the rules and deadlines can be found here:



Boo yah, I’m all caught up

That’s right, I am finally all caught up on my sketches. At one point, I was 6 sketches behind, but I finally got it together and am back on track.

Even more exciting, I have finally filled an entire sketchbook. And about time too. Over the years, I have bought a number of sketchbooks that have all suffered one of 3 fates. I either re-purposed it for something not sketch related, one of my kids ran off with it or oddest of all, it just wandered off never to be seen again.

****stage whisper****
I personally think my muse swiped them to mess with me, she is funny that way.

Okey dokey, I’m off to see what else I can do this afternoon.



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