Practice makes perfect… 

Or at least confident enough to no longer be as concerned about the possible mistakes that could happen at any time. 

I am taking one of Jane Davenport’s workshops, Miss Quoted, and the first week of lessons was on how to do some artful lettering. 

Over half a composition book of practice later, I can sit down and paint some very pretty letters and words. 🙂 

I have fallen a bit behind on the workshop lessons (I really practiced the dickens out of painting letters 🙂 ), but now I am ready to start getting caught up. 

So on to the next set of lessons, Think in Ink. 

A Daffodil kind of day…. 

After days of rain and rather gray gloomy weather, today dawned sunny and bright. Which brought to mind my favorite flowers, daffodils. 

Which might have lurking in the back of my mind, because Lindsay Weirich released a Daffodil tutorial on her YouTube just recently. 

So in between loads of laundry and other tedious housekeeping chores, I painted a happy little Daffodil. 

New paints are always so much fun

I recently got a new set of watercolors. Now I have both the neutral and brights set of Jane Davenport’s paints. And I have been a busy little girl playing and experimenting with them. 

Granted nothing earth shattering has been painted yet, but I have been having a ball exploring how the paints react and the seriously pigmented colors. Too much fun. 

Here are a couple that I have done today. They are just practice pieces that were inspired by images I saw on Pinterest. The Brights palette has such pretty reds in it. Sigh, I love red. 

Little bird

I am so very over winter and eagerly waiting for Spring. I painted this little guy yesterday before the Super Bowl, hoping to give Mother Nature a nudge. 

He was supposed to be fluffier, but fluffy is kind of hard to pull off with watercolor. Still he is a cute little guy. And maybe, just maybe he will bring Spring sooner. 

Or at least a smile. 

Sweet little Mermaid… 

I watched a great tutorial today from Jane Davenport’s free mixed media workshop where she was draw/painting a lovely Mermaid. 

I didn’t have time to do the tutorial, which bummed me out, but sometimes you have to do the adult things. 

Then while hubby was making dinner I realized I had a bit of time so I thought I would just do a bit of Mermaid doodling. 

LOL, one thing led to another… a bit of watercolor here, markers there and I ended up with a lovely little Mermaid of my own.  🙂