Day 162…ribbon and a Merry Mid Century

I find ribbons hard to draw and paint, which most likely indicates I should practice more. And I will get right on that…. later I promise. 😆 Anyhow, I decided ribbon bows might be easier and went looking rough reference images. While browsing Pinterest, I saw some cool images of bows on ornaments. That was it, ribbons or bow are not nearly as much fun to paint as bows on ornaments.

Searching for mid century Christmas ideas was filled with sorts of whimsical images resulting in a seriously cute little reindeer.

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Day 161…pudding and gingerbread cat

Being as the prompts for this month are holiday themed, the prompt of “pudding” made me think of figgy pudding. Which really odd considering I have never had figgy pudding and I had to look it up to even see if it was something I could paint. It looked yummy and the painting turned out pretty good. Now I want to try some. 😆

I have made gingerbread men and even gingerbread dinosaurs (don’t ask… it was for a friend), but I haven’t ever done gingerbread cats. My painting turned out so cute that now I want to see if I can find cat cookie cutters in a similar shape.

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Day 160…dove and adornment

I wanted some ideas for “adorning” a lady, so I went and browsed through James Burke’s Instagram. He is so creative with his ladies and all the doodads and accessories he draws and paints on them. I found one that appealed to me and gave it my best shot. His of course wasn’t Christmas themed so I did draw different accessories. I rather like how she turned out.

I may have had a bit too much fun with my dove. I seem to have lost the tail feathers into the colorful chaos of his body. But I still got the impression of a bird in flight, so paint me a happy camper. 😆

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Day 159…poinsettia and pillbox poinsettia

Too funny that both prompts were poinsettias. I like poinsettias. They are a clear sign the holidays are here. Unfortunately I can only have watercolor poinsettias at my house because they will make cats sick. And yes my cats would try to eat them, they are strange like that.

Poinsettias mean holidays and holidays just need lots and lots of glitter. So I pulled out my sparkle markers and added as many sparkly details as possible…. which you may or may not be able to see in my photo. But trust me it sparkles!!!!!

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Day 158…star and fairy lights

The style for Christmas lights these days are for those small little bulbs that twinkle in what ever color you want. But I’m old enough to remember the lights with the fat bulbs that did not twinkle, flash or do anything more complicated than light up. And even though I now have those twinkly little lights I still picture those old fat ones when I think of Christmas.

The stars I painted were inspired by some reference photos I saw of star ornaments. As I was painting them I was thinking that it might be fun to make some watercolor star ornaments for our tree this year. Lol, I’ll just add that to the ever growing list of things to finish this month. 😆

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