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CGTrader Awards

CGTrader asked it’s large community of members about their favorite CG resources and when the votes were all in CG Cookie as well as Blender itself scored highly in the voting.

If you want to see the voting results as well as all the categories voted upon, head on over to CGTader.


What a great time to be a citizen…

A Blender Cookie Citizen that is. I have been a Blender Cookie Citizen for some time and I must say the value I have been getting far out weighs the small price they ask for being a citizen. Just in the last several weeks, not one but two amazing courses have been released. The Introduction to Character Modeling in Blender (a fun little pilot dude) and the Creating Piero are amazing courses that cover the project from start to finish and provide hours and I mean hours of education. Which of course, my absolutely favorite way to spend an evening 😛 .

So I was already a very happy camper. Since I am still working my way through the Character modeling course, I still have the Piero one to look forward to.  Yay me! I love these courses for not only what they teach, but for the weird and bizarre ideas and inspirations they set off in my decidedly odd little imagination. Yes my imagination is very, very odd, and I only share a small portion of it with the world at large. Wouldn’t want to scare you all or anything. 😛

Then today, Jonathan announced the new course that he is working on.

Are you ready for it?

Post-Apocalyptic Vehicle Production based on concept art by one of my favorite concept artists, David Revoy. I don’t even like vehicle modeling and I am excited about this one. Most vehicle modeling tutorials result in nice shiny cars, which is not my thing. But this one is going to be a grungy, beat up vehicle with cool stuff welded on here and there.

Now that is a VEHICLE! I can get behind.

Okay enough chattering for now, I need to finish the character modeling soures so I can get started on the Piero one. Oh and maybe a few of those odd ideas of mine.

bye now

MYoB: project 7 lil pilot sculpted

pilot_sculpted_frontWell I had thought that with a little bit of experience under my belt that sculpting would go quicker and that I would be doing the sculpting and the retopology of the lil pilot as one project.

Yeah… that didn’t happen. The sculpting took me far longer than I anticipated and felt like a whole project in and of itself. Which is ok, I am of course still learning about sculpting, so it does still end up being a whole big thing when I do it.

I am a little bummed that I didn’t get the retopology done by the 12th (which was the exercise deadline), but I think I did pretty good anyhow. I am still going to do the retopology, I just won’t watch that part of Jonathan’s tutorial until I finish mine. 🙂

Overall I am pretty happy with the way this little guy is turning out. The hands and boots could use a lot more work, but I think I will tackle that in retopology. Everything else feels good so far. But there is still that whole retopology thing to do and I may decide that I am an idiot for putting all those wrinkles in the clothes. 😛

Anyhow, I have had a lot of fun on this guy and it has been a great learning experience and I have worked through the various stages.

Blender Cookie’s “Introduction to Hard Surface Modeling in Blender”

Recently Blender Cookie released a new Citizen training series “Introduction to Hard Surface Modeling in Blender”. Jonathan covers the complete process and workflow for modeling a cartoon styled little plane. The plane concept art was drawn by  Tim Von Rueden.

Now I had already made my attempt at modeling this little plane about a month ago. I had already started my attempt when Jonathan announced that he was working on the series. I did sit and think about whether I should continue on my own or wait for the training series and ultimately decided that I would learn more if I attempted it on my own first.

I must admit, I ran into a fair share of problems that I had to work out when doing it on my own, but overall I was fairly satisfied with my result. I did cut myself considerable slack as this was my first vehicle type model ever.

That being said, I have been waiting for Jonathan to finish and release the series so I could see how he handles some of the things that I had problems with.

This is the first time I had modeled something and then got to see afterwards another method or way to have approached it. I must say, that added a whole new level to the learning experience.

I know the areas that I had problems with and getting to see how Jonathan approached it gave me considerable food for thought for future projects.

And since it looks like Blender Cookie will be announcing future projects in advance of releasing the tutorials in their new “Coming Soon” section, I think I might be attempting more projects in advance of the tutorials. It made for a very interesting experience.

2nd run of Master Modeling in Blender to start January 7th

CG Cookie’s modeling workshop, Mastering Modeling in Blender, is gearing up for it’s 2nd run. Having participated in the 1st run of this workshop, I can tell you it is well worth your time and money. You will walk away with a greater understanding of modeling techniques and a vastly improved skill set.

Register now for your place.

Mastering Modeling in Blender – January 7th to February 15th

by Jonathan Williamson

Learn all the theories, fundamentals, and techniques you need to master subdivision surface modeling – starts January 7th

It’s almost that time again. Time to start a new year off right with some Blender training! We are pleased to announce registration for our second run of our Mastering Modeling in Blender Workshops! This workshop on Mastering Modeling in Blender has been developed over the past three years to provide an unparalleled education platform  to learn mesh modeling with subdivision surfaces in Blender.

I wish this workshop had been available 11 years ago when first I started using Blender. I can only imagine the effect that having this course back then would have had on my modeling skills… –Sandra Gilbert

Get a start on the new year by investing in yourself

This workshop is one of the best ways to invest in yourself by improving your skills and knowledge of modeling, paving the way to modeling professionally.