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Day 366…sunny days, #WorldWatercolorMonth day 1

I am so excited to participate in #WorldWatercolorMonth again. This is actually my 3rd year. The first year I ended up with 31 paintings but had to do catch up days where I did several at a time. Last year I did it one a day, and was so tickled with myself that I continued on throughout the year with at least one a day right back to #WorldWatercolorMonth.

While I have painted all kinds of things over the last year, I find it fun to follow the daily prompts that Charlie provides every month. Because of all those prompts, I have painted subjects I would have never given any thought to otherwise. The only way to grow is to keep trying new things.

Last night the prompt was “sunny days”, which always makes me think of flowers for some reason. So golden poppy-ish flowers is what appeared in my sketchbook.

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Day 164… Chocolate and whimsical wonderland

I seem to have a snowman theme going today. I like snowmen but I don’t overly enjoy building them. Too cold and I am not a big snow fan. Well that isn’t true, I like snow… I don’t like being out in it. 😆

And just in case anyone is wondering, it is much easier to make a snowman out of marshmallows than it is to paint a marshmallow snowman. But seeing him soak away his cares in a cup of hot chocolate just makes my day.

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Day 68…paint sample play

During World Watercolor Month I won a sample of American Journey watercolors from Charlie over at Doodlewash.com. Although they arrived in the mail a couple of weeks ago, I haven’t used them until tonight.

Lol, I’ve opened the little disposable palette and looked at all those pretty little dots of color, smiled and closed if back up and set them back on the shelf. The whole thing just looks too cute to use.

But tonight I decided that was just silly. The whole point is to test them out and see if I like them. Yep, I do. Especially the the Quin Gold and the Alizarin Crimson. The Quin Gold is a new color for me and it is a lovely warm color. Definitely need to get some more of that one. And I have always like Alizarin Crimson. American Journey’s Alizarin is a bright pop of color that mixed well with the other colors. Just yummy.

So funny thing happened. I managed to get a fairly decent flower to appear and I had used a cut up credit card to scrape in some veins in the petals, then I moved on to another section of the painting. I was playing with Alizarin and Ultramarine Blue down in the right corner and creating a soft purply color. I grabbed a straw to blow some of the purple color around and didn’t realize that it traveled up the stem of my flower and settled into the veins I had made. Awesome happy accident that I couldn’t recreate on purpose if I tried. 🙂


#WorldWatercolorMonth starts today

An entire month of watercolor paintings adding beauty and color to the world as painters the world over join in Charlie’s dream. 

Here is my painting for today. It is painted on handmade watercolor paper using White Knights and Jane Davenport’s watercolors. 

#WorldWatercolorMonth is all over

The goal was to paint daily for the 31 days of July. It didn’t take long for me to miss a day here  and there and start playing catch up. 

Although I didn’t actually complete 31, I  did get 27 done which I decided was a pretty good showing considering how busy I was in July. 

So are the two I finished in July, #26 &  #27.