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Day 60…Flamingos

I love watching Lindsay Weirich (the frugal crafter) on YouTube. She always has such fun tutorials. Today she did a quick flamingo, which just so happens to be my daughter’s favorite bird.

So I decided to paint along and give the result to my daughter to hang in her room. It ended up being so much fun I did it twice. 🙂



A Daffodil kind of day…. 

After days of rain and rather gray gloomy weather, today dawned sunny and bright. Which brought to mind my favorite flowers, daffodils. 

Which might have lurking in the back of my mind, because Lindsay Weirich released a Daffodil tutorial on her YouTube just recently. 

So in between loads of laundry and other tedious housekeeping chores, I painted a happy little Daffodil. 

Chinese lanterns 

Look at these fun little flowers (fruit?). I had never heard of them until I watched a tutorial on how to paint them. 

And for those of you following along, most of the paintings I have done lately and will be posting for the foreseeable future are from YouTube tutorials by Lindsay Weirich aka “the frugal crafter”. 

I love her tutorials because they are fairly short (makes it much easier to fit into my schedule) and she is seriously funny to listen to.