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MYoB 2013: project 3… lil plane

lil_planeThis is the project that dang near derailed my whole goal for this year. I purposely set up my goal to be able to model on my days off. (Remember I work 8 on, 6 off). Then the gal that works opposite me when I am off, decided to quit and whoopsie doodle, there went my days off. Insert major amounts of grumbling here. 😦

Luckily I had already started on my project and through sheer stubbornness, I worked on it a little bit each day until… duhn duhn duhhhhn…. I finished it today. WHOOTTTTTTTTTT!

Okay, funny story about this project. I decided to model this really cute little plane that Tim (from Concept Cookie) had posted a couple of weeks ago. He clearly stated that it had been drawn for an upcoming tutorial. Something I managed to forget. So it was with great humor that just as I was getting started with it that I saw Jonathan announce that he was working on the tutorial.

Now in the past, I have always just waited for the tutorial to come out before starting something like this. But this time, I decided that I would learn more if I gave it a go myself first before I saw how it was supposed to be done. I still plan on watching the tutorial when Jonathan releases it. Because of course a few areas didn’t turn out quite how I thought they should have and I want to see how I could have approached it better.

On the up side, I learned a lot  from trying it myself first and this is the first vehicle of any type that I have attempted. And although there are a few issues with it (don’t look at the propellers), it definitely looks like a plane. So, YAY ME!

3 projects done, 23 to go.

MYoB: Project 2….Fuzzy Teddybear

Whoot finished!!! Seriously late, but finished all the same and since I managed to finish it before I am due to start project 3, I am calling it a WIN!!!

So this week I decided to model a fuzzy teddy bear based in large part on Josh Maule’s Creating a Little Elephant tutorial on Blender Cookie.

fuzzy_teddyI am pretty impressed with how he turned out, although I did notice once he was rendered that my little teddy bear looked somewhat like a little cat. I think it is the size and shape of the ears. But since this is my project, it is most definitely a teddy bear. 😛

So next up I am thinking of doing a little hard edge modeling, something I have managed to avoid for, I don’t know, always 😛 . But no time like the present to explore new skills and areas of modeling. So stay tuned for the next project.

MYoB 2013: Project 1

Whoot, one project down and 25 to go! 😛

So I was going to model a sock bear, which is similar to a sock monkey. I got a small one for Christmas and thought it would make a good first project for this year.

Unfortunately I downloaded a blender build with dyntopo in it and ended up playing with it instead. So no sock bear or sock monkey this week, but I did end up with a very ugly character head. Ugly, as in, I sure don’t want to meet him in  dark alley.

Dyntopo is an odd duck, or maybe I am just not as practiced with sculpting ( a far more likely case), as it took me a bit to get the hang of it since I kept wanting to up the resolution and then had to remind myself that that wasn’t necessary. Anyhow, I made several runs at it until I started getting something I liked. Even then the final sculpt underwent several different looks before I called it done.

MYoB_2013_1So here it is, project 1 of MYoB 2013.

New Years Resolution: MYoB 2013

And MYoB would stand for My Year of Blender. That’s right, I am declaring this My Year of Blender. Last year I only completed 9 blender projects, which honestly surprised me, I hadn’t thought I had even done that many. But I did, I counted. 😛

So this year I have a made a resolution to do 26 projects. I know that seems like an odd number, but there is a reason for it. I work a rather odd schedule. I work 8 nights on, 6 off. During my work week I am pretty useless productivity wise. So I am committing to doing at least one blender project on my off weeks. Which works out to 26 projects. If I manage to do more, yay me, but I am going for at least 26.

And that is the only resolution I am committing to 😛 .

I am going to have a little progress counter on the side of my blog if you want to follow along or monitor my progress and you are all welcome to join in MYoB 2013.