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MYoB: project 8 lil pilot retopologized….

pilot_retopo_frontRetopology takes a loooong time. At least for me it does. I have finally finished up the retopology of the lil pilot model I have been working on. Well I finished everything except the hands and gloves. I didn’t like how the hands turned out at all, so I am shelving that part until I do some hand practice, which is of course going to be tackled in my next set of projects.

In doing this exercise, I have learned a lot about character modeling and figured out several things I would have done differently.

First up is that breaking up the project was very helpful in keeping a nice organized project, resulting in a much cleaner model. Which has been a large part of my goal for this year.

It also helped that by blocking out the model first, I actually felt like I was making more progress than I would normally have and I did feel more motivated to follow through. So score one for the planning and blocking out stage. ūüėõ

I also realized after I had already sculpted everything, that retopology would have been much easier if I hadn’t applied a solidify modifier on the clothes before I sculpted them. I was trying to avoid the weird edges problem where they can get all jaggy and odd looking and ended up making an entirely different problem. When you sculpt on models with a solidify modifier applied, you often end up sculpted the whole thickness which makes retopology interesting to say the least.

So although the retopology is done, I am not as happy with it as I could have been if I planned just a tad bit better. But lesson quite seriously learned and next time I will add thickness (solidify) after the retopology, not before.

I was finishing up the retopology when Jonathan released his Introduction to Character Modeling in Blender course on Blender Cookie, which showed his approach to the same little pilot character.

I am only about half way through the course and I have already seen ways that I can further improve my workflow as well as things that would have been much easier his way. Something to keep in mind for future projects.

Since I have already modeled the pilot, I am not going to go through and redo the whole thing following Jonathan’s instructions, but there are a few videos that I am going to experiment with and get some additional practice with.

So far I  have planned on following along and building some base meshes using the skin modifier as well as the hand sculpting video. I am sure that there might be more as I get further into the course.

So anyhow, I am off to create some base meshes.

be back later….

MYoB: project 7 lil pilot sculpted

pilot_sculpted_frontWell I had thought that with a little bit of experience under my belt that sculpting would go quicker and that I would be doing the sculpting and the retopology of the lil pilot as one project.

Yeah… that didn’t happen. The sculpting took me far longer than I anticipated and felt like a whole project in and of itself. Which is ok, I am of course still learning about sculpting, so it does still end up being a whole big thing when I do it.

I am a little bummed that I didn’t get the retopology done by the 12th (which was the exercise deadline), but I think I did pretty good anyhow. I am still going to do the retopology, I just won’t watch that part of Jonathan’s tutorial until I finish mine. ūüôā

Overall I am¬†pretty¬†happy with the way this little guy is turning out. The hands and boots could use a lot more work, but I think I will tackle that in retopology. Everything else feels good so far. But there is still that whole retopology thing to do and I may decide that I am an idiot for putting all those wrinkles in the clothes. ūüėõ

Anyhow, I have had a lot of fun on this guy and it has been a great learning experience and I have worked through the various stages.

MYoB: project 6_Pilot

pilot_blockedI am so tickled with myself. Last week Jonathan announced a new modeling exercise (Modeling The Airplane Pilot Character) for us to all work on. So since it was time to start a new project, I decided to play along.

I finished blocking out this little guy and I am so pleased with myself. I am fully aware that this might not seem like a big deal for anyone but me. But up until I took Jonathan’s Master Modeling Workshop, I never did the blocking in stage of modeling. I went full detail from the start and always ended up with really heavy dense models that were difficult to work with. So I have been trying really hard lately to block in first.

And this is my first successful solo attempt at doing so!!!

Whoot me!!!

The best part is that not only do I now have a base model to sculpt on and add further detail, but my blocked in model actually looks like the little pilot dude. Whooooo!!!!

So I am claiming this as MYoB project #6. I will probably claim sculpting and retopo as 7 and 8. Although depending how it goes maybe just as 7. We will see. ūüėõ

Okay then, I’m off to have some sculpting fun.

bye now….

MYoB: project #5… retopology of Flower Fairykin

fairykin_retopo_1I realize that technically sculpting and retopology of the same model should be considered all one project, but I am not highly proficient in either technique as of yet, so I broke it into two projects.

The sculpting stage took only a day or so, but the retopology stage took forever!!!. Okay it didn’t really take forever, it just seemed like it. I actually ended up starting over at one point because it just wasn’t working out. Which was irking me to no end.

I finally got the retopo to a stage where I was at least moderately happy. There are still several areas that are not optimal, but that is something to concentrate on more for next time. And if I don’t call it good now, I will be fussing endlessly with this thing til the end of time and I have other projects I want to work on. So I am calling it done. (umm for now ūüėõ )

I do believe that this is only the 2nd or 3rd retopo I have done, so I am happy that I at least finished it.

Next project is going to be me attempting the new modeling exercise that Jonathan announced at Blender Cookie today. He has challenged us to model the little pilot that goes with the little plane training series he released a short while ago.

The deadline for render submissions is Sunday, May 12, which gives me a week to see how well I can pull this off. Best part is that this is the same design that will be used in an upcoming Citizen course on the same subject.

So I get to muddle through and give it my best shot then watch Jonathan show me how I should have done it. ūüėõ

Well off to get started… well right after I change out the laundry.

MYoB: #4-Flower Fairykin

flower fairykinYeah I made that name up, but it fits, so sue me.

Okay, I am obviously way behind schedule. Due to working pretty much non-stop in February and trying to recover in March, I am currently 4 projects behind schedule. (boo hiss, grumble grumble grumble).

I actually have a project half finished that was supposed to be done for Valentine’s Day. Yeah that is way late. But I intend to finish it here ¬†in the next week or so as well another project that depends on me finishing the Valentine’s project. So there are 2 of my missing projects.

In the meantime, yesterday I had fun sculpting my little fairykin and I think he will get retopologized in a future project. I kind of maxed my computer just sculpting him and I would like to take it further, which will require the re-topology thing. Which I need to practice anyhow, so that is a good project .

I already have some future projects lined up, well thought about, as well so I should be a busy little camper.

But for today I have a book review to write, a house to clean and the Vehicle modeling series from Blender Cookie to start watching.

And if you hadn’t heard yet, Jonathan has 2 new citizen training series that he is working on. Whoo and Hoo!!!

bye now….