Day 135…lettuce

When I looked for reference photos last night, I picked out a nice loose leafy green romaine type of lettuce. I was thinking this will be fun and fairly easy to paint. And it was, then next thing I knew I was adding magenta, indigo and dioxide purple to the mix. And maybe some glittery gold, Okay a lot of glittery gold. 😆

Not sure I would be brave enough to eat lettuce if it looked like this, but I enjoyed painting it. 😄



Day 134…tomatoes

Honestly tomatoes aren’t really my favorite veggie. They are okay in things, but you aren’t going to see me just grabbing one and eating it for funnzies. Tomatoes make other foods taste better, which works for me. Not everything can be a star, sometimes it is enough to play a supporting role and do it well. 😃


Day 133…pecans

I love pecans, but apparently I have never seen pecans still in their shells, only in yummy desserts. A quick search of reference images found a nice picture of how they grow in clusters. So silly me I thought that would be easy to paint. And it was, kind of…sort of… not really. Turns out pecans and the husks they pop out of are very similarly colored. Which made painting them interesting to say the least.


Day 132….herbs

Yesterday’s prompt was “herbs”, and my favorite herb is lavender. I love the way it smells and it has a lot of health benefits when used properly. And it is a rather pretty flower. So I sat down to paint some lavender and I became fascinated by how the paint (Daniel Smith’s Moonglow) flowed and created very lavender looking shapes. It ended up looking so cool and was such fun that when I finished my painting, I grabbed another sheet of paper and did it again. 😃


Day 131…banana

I like bananas and have eaten my fair share over the years, but I know that doesn’t automatically mean I can paint one from memory. So I went looking for reference images so I wouldn’t end up with a yellow boomerang.

And I found all kinds of bananas, peeled… half peeled… just one.. two… a whole bunch…. and none of them were floating my boat. So I looked up abstract bananas. Something I don’t encourage unless you also want to see images of naughty bananas. But I did see a few images that sparked some ideas. Some fun odd ideas. And then this happened. 🤣