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Day 15…..throw paint kind of day

Today was a “get the paper wet and throw paint at it kind of day” just to see what would show up. And look at that a happy sunflower appeared. 

I have noticed that I have more fun and like my paintings more if I sit down with no expectations and don’t let myself fuss the details. 

Day 14….whoot still on track

14 days in and I am still on track and haven’t fallen behind. Happy dance…. 

So tonight I decided to try something new. I watch Steve Mitchell from Mind of Watercolor quite a bit on YouTube. And he does these spontaneous painting that look deceptively easy and fun. 

LOL, it was fun and spontaneous… not as easy as he makes it look. My watercolors seriously had a mind of their own tonight and spontaneously created a hot mess. Down in front…. Those are supposed to be rocks. I see rocks when I look at it, but I think that is only because I was trying to make rocks 🙂 Not sure if anyone else would see rocks. 

Anyhow, I enjoyed the process and plan to try it again, maybe it would turn out better if I wasn’t trying so hard to make a specific type of scene. 

Day 13…Popsicle 

When I was a kid Popsicles were kind of simple. These days they have all kinds of cold yumminess to satisfy just about every one. 

So when I was looking for some references for today’s topic I managed to find a creamy looking fruit Popsicle that I wish was in my freezer and not just my sketchbook. 🙂 

Day 12…..yeah so this happened 

Every once in a while my imagination goes off on a little holiday and odd things fall out of my pencils and brushes. It started as a little doodle and then pretty soon I had out 3 different paint palettes, half a dozen brushes and some 2-3 hours later, this was the result. 

Welcome to my world 🙂 

And I had to laugh at the end. That furry guy up in the top corner was supposed to be a bear. But he ended up looking like a friendly wolfish bear hybrid… kinda… hmm maybe if you squint and turn your head a bit…. nope still doesn’t look very bearish. 

Well then friendly wolfish bear hybrid it is. 🙂