Day 193…new shoes

George thinks he has amazing fashion sense and style and he just knows that his new gold boots are the quintessential final touch to his ensemble. He has no idea that all the other Gnomes laugh every time they see him coming.

Lol, actually I had a completely different idea when I saw last night’s prompt. “New shoes” made me think of a horse being shoed. So of course I logged onto Pinterest to find some references, but George here was right at the top of the page, front and center and all thoughts of horse shoes evaporated. Um, actually the image I saw was color coordinated and didn’t have sparkly details. What can I say I’m not a black sheep, I’m tie dyed. 😆



Day 192…bright

I was looking through some of the images I save for inspiration night last, looking for something that fit the prompt “bright”, when I came across a nice forest type scene of sunlight shining through what I think are aspens. It didn’t look too complicated and I have been wanting to try this one for a while.

Only real malfunction was that I used masking fluid for the trees. You shouldn’t use a heat tool to speed up drying when using masking fluid. So once I got all the background finished I was kind of stuck until the paint dried, because you also can’t remove the masking fluid until the paint is dry. Sigh, I left it dry and went to bed.

This morning I removed the masking fluid and put my tree details in with colored pencils. It didn’t turn out as “bright” as I thought it would, but I think it looks pretty good.


Day 191…baby chick

Baby chicks are all soft and fuzzy. When looking at references, I saw several styles I could try. There was even a beautiful loose reference, not real fluffy/fuzzy looking, but it looked easy to try. Nope I picked the reference that was all soft looking.

Lol, when I was done I did have an awesome background, cool shadows and a good looking baby chick, but he wasn’t fuzzy. Hmm, no problem, I know how to use colored pencils to great effect, now he is fuzzy and soft. 😄

Day 190…reflections

I will find reflections tricky. Or more accurately, reflections in shiny things like glass are tricky. Reflections in water are a bit easier. And a loose skyscape with a simple treeline, almost fun.

Actually painting the sky and back bushes and then reflecting it into the water was fun. The trees themselves could use a bit of practice. 😆


Day 189…a little stormy

The prompt was “Blue skies”. Lol, apparently mine are a tad bit stormy. I enjoy painting skies and should do more of them. It is so easy to get interesting looks with just a few colors and a paper towel to make some clouds. The photo is not as good as I would like. I took it at night and my lighting was not quite up to par. But I can’t take another photo, because my daughter and I were having an art night and my painting made a perfect bookmark for my planner. 😆