Day 77…Awesome Surprise!

I ordered some new paint last week (the Qor High Chroma and the Earth Colors sets) and yay, they finally arrived yesterday. So first I filled the Cheap Joe’s Travel Painter travel palette I won during World Watercolor Month. Then even though I normally don’t paint straight from the tube, I squeezed out little dots of each color to play with. Because seriously, there is no way I am patient enough to wait for my filled palette to fully dry so I can play with my new colors.

When I sat down to play there was absolutely no intention to make an actual painting. I just wanted to see all the pretty new colors. So I swished and played to my hearts content. When I was done, I saw I actually had some interesting shapes, so I laid some plastic wrap over the whole painting and went to bed. When I checked it this morning, Surprise! I had some beautiful lines and shapes in all those yummy colors.

I had picked the two QoR sets specifically because I didn’t currently have any of the colors in the set (except for one, I did already have Dioxide Purple). So I am going to have lots of fun exploring new color combinations. YAY!



Day 76…autumn tree

Last night I wanted to try a tree with cool shadow colors on the the trunk. I had seen it done in a Craftsy class where the instructor used Ultramarine Blue and a cool pink along one side. It made some awesome colored shadows. Now granted he did it on an aspen, which made from more sense than the tree I painted. But I really like how it blended with the browns I used. Now I just need to work on painting clumps of leaves. 🙂


Day 75…dinner for two

Lol, I haven’t done many of the prompts for this month, but when I saw yesterday’s, I just had to. 🙂 Because first thing I thought of was the Lady and Tramp scene where they are sharing spaghetti.

And typical, my beginning sketch actually looked better than when I inked over the watercolor. I still like it, I loved that scene…. so romantic.


Day 74… Lovely loose flowers

Lol, I realized something last night while painting. The more tired I am, the more likely it is that I am going to end up painting a loose abstract. I always sit down with at least a general idea of what I am going to attempt to paint. But on super tired nights the painting gets away from me much faster as I tend to get more mesmerized by how colors mix and lose track of what I was doing. I generally just shrug and go with it.

Last night was perfect example. I sat down to paint a flower and next thing I know I was lost in watch colors mix. Pretty soon I have a serious hot mess happening, because apparently Dioxazine Purple was my color of choice last night. So it wasn’t only a hot mess, it was a deep dark purple hot mess. 🙂

But a little blotting with with a paper towel, a good spritz of water with plastic wrap laid over top and left to dry over night resulted in a rather pretty abstract. Yay me!


Day 73…clouds and grass

Lol, I crack myself up. I wanted to paint clouds last night, but decided for some reason that I couldn’t paint JUST clouds. I mean I could, but no, not what I had in mind.

So I decided on some simple grass at the bottom to ground my painting. It was supposed to be a small strip of grass at the bottom, but I got carried away. And my little foreground overtook my skyscape. Lol, very rarely does my painting turn out like I imagined. Which could quite possibly be why I love painting so much. I never know what I am going to end up with. 🙂