Day 377…forest animals

I seem to be mildly obsessed with silhouettes lately. The stark contrast between the dark subject and the colorful background is filled with possibilities. And there is the fun part of not needing to worry about little details. 😁

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Day 376…beautiful blooms

Typical, I have painted everyday but have not posted for a good week. So be prepared for a bunch of posts today. Starting with some fun forget me nots. I got new paint colors recently and I have been having way too much fun exploring their characters in my paintings.

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Day 375…light and luminous

I wanted to paint a light and luminous flower. Lol, I ended up with a light and luminous background and a mutant flower. Yep, that amused me to no end. I seem to be having a background / texture obsession going on lately.

#worldwatercolorgroup #WorldWatercolorMonth

374…climbing mountains

The chances of me climbing a mountain on purpose are pretty much non existent. I would rather paint mountains than climb them. And this simple mountain – ish landscape is from a photo I took while on vacation last week.

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Day 373…flying things

When I was a kid, I always thought butterflies were kind of magical. As an adult I still do. Mother Nature was obviously having an awesome creative day when she painted all the butterflies. They look like little flying jewels, floating here and there.

Lol, last night I found a nice butterfly photo on Pixabay that I rather loosely used as reference. I was having way too much fun painting. Then I looked at it this evening and realized that my butterflies also kind of look like floating /flying flowers. Which is rather magical in it’s own right.

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