Day 40…favorite fruit

I actually like most all fruit, but watermelon is one of my favorites. It makes me think of warm lazy summer days, picnics and trying to stay cool.

Which is most likely why when I started this painting, I actually painted a summer sky with soft fluffy clouds for the background. Lol, and it looked danged silly once I painted the watermelon slices.

Watermelon doesn’t normally float around by itself through soft clouds in any summer sky that I have ever seen. I suppose it could happen, but I think it is highly unlikely, even in my world.

So I splashed and splattered paint around the watermelon and didn’t like that either. It was a chaos of color. Another day or a different frame of mind and I might have liked it. Today I didn’t, so I threw salt on it.

The salt technique is kind of gimmicky, but like splattering paint, I really kind of like the organic patterns it makes. 🙂



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