Day 26…Free and Easy 

Soooo, today’s prompt was Free and Easy, which I obviously took to mean I was free to throw as many different colors of paint at the page to see how many times I could ruin the same painting. 

Which I don’t actually have the answer for because I lost track of how many colors I used and I quit counting how many times I ruined and saved it to only ruin it again after three. 

I would like to say I quit after three but ummm, no that would have been the easy part of today’s prompt and I didn’t do that part either :). 

But at a certain point I decided to call it a total loss and pulled out my colored pencils and throw them at it too. When I finally finished, all I could say was WOW, and not in the good way. But this was my painting for today so I took a photo of it and thought hmm the photo doesn’t look too bad. In fact the photo almost looked good, almost. So I look back at the painting, nope that still looks bad. Maybe I should just save the photo instead :). 


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