Day 17…. Welcome to my world

There are many things I like about being an artist. But one of the things I actually love is the way my brain works…. although at times I am pretty sure I have a few loose screws to say the least. 

Tonight’s painting is a perfect example of “WTH”. #WORLDWATERCOLORMONTH has an official set of daily prompts you can do if you want to or you can use them on days when you just can’t think of anything to paint. 

So today’s prompt was “Running Wild” just vague enough to jump start your creativity.

So here is what happened when I thought about Running Wild. 

Running down the street waving my arms….Running…  Wild horses… Running.. Wild animals.. I like animals.. I love giraffes… Giraffes look hysterical when they run… I’m gonna look up running giraffes…. OMG that giraffe has the funniest look on his face. 

Welcome to my world. 🙂 


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