Trust the mess

​My poor butterfly journal cover got painted twice today. In fact there is so much paint and gesso on it that it is probably indestructible at this point. Which is quite possibly a good thing all said and done.  🙂 

So this morning, I was all excited to try the whole mixed media thing. It started out looking good… went to the “hot mess” stage… I kept repeating trust the mess… trust the mess… Took it way too far. 

Nope… Ain’t happening, time to start over. Gesso-ed over the whole thing to give it another go and left it to dry. 

Now I had always intended to do 2 butterfly journals, one for icky adult things like to dos, budget, appointments etc and one for my inner artist who has no appreciation for adult things that eat into her artsy time. So I figured no problem, this one is obviously my bill journal. 

Deciding that must have knocked something loose in my mind or took the imagined pressure off, because I sat down with my Mermaid markers and just went with it. I trusted the mess this time and was just having fun. 

Funny part… about half way through my inner artist perked up and took notice of what was going on and decided she might want this version after all. Lol 🙂

Guess I will make final decisions after I finish the other one.


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