Because it was silly and it made me smile…. 

I didn’t post a painting yesterday because although I painted, I painted swatches of my new Jane Davenport palette. Not really exciting to anyone but me.  🙂 

I hadn’t meant to buy new paints yesterday, but I saw Michael’s had sent me a 60% OFF coupon. It was obviously a sign that I needed more paint. 🙂 

Today while at the grocery store I saw those boxes of Sweetheart candies and it brought an immediate smile to my face.  Although they really don’t taste all that great, they do bring back all kinds of warm fuzzy childhood memories. So yes I bought two boxes, one for my daughter and one for me. Okay two for my daughter, but I told her I wanted to paint one before she could have it. 

So after dinner tonight, I sat down with my new JD palette and painted silly little candies because I could and because it made me smile. 

The little scattered candies look a little wonky… might have something to do with the fact that I may have eaten my reference models while I was painting them. 


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