Fun weekend project

20161127_123547I don’t know how many of you do watercolor, but for those of you that don’t, here is an interesting little factoid. Watercolor paper is more expensive than sketch paper, considerably more. And if you want your watercolor paper in a nice block so it doesn’t buckle up, then that is twice as expensive as watercolor paper that you would buy loose or in a normal style pad. And wouldn’t you know it, I go through a lot of watercolor paper.

Which is how my weekend project got started. Last week I watched a youtube tutorial by Lindsey Weirich (the frugal crafter) on how to make my own watercolor block. It didn’t look hard and I successfully made a test block out of some watercolor paper I didn’t particularly like. And yes I actually followed all the directions (there weren’t many so even I could do it 😛 ).

Then I saw that Michaels Craft Store was having a huge sale on Strathmore paper. And even better I had a 25% off total purchase price coupon. Yep, you know I went right down and bought more watercolor paper. But before I did, I did a little thinking and a bit of math. And yes my head hurt by the time I was done 😛 .

I figured out that if I bought (3) 11×15 in pads, I could cut each pad down to (4) 5×7 in pads. Hmmmm, that sale is looking better and better.

Then I spent several hours actually cutting down all that paper, one sheet at a time with my seriously old paper cutter. Gonna rethink that part for next time, Office Depot is going to be my new best friend for tedious tasks like cutting paper.

“Some assembly required” later, I had 12 nice watercolor blocks. Of which now I only have 10 because my daughter promptly ran off with 2.

Okay so here is the best part, final cost. 12 pads for a cost of $.91 each.

Although the price per pad then went up to $1.72 after I went and bought pretty paper to make covers. Still a dang good price.

For anyone who wants to watch the tutorial, you can watch it here:


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