Goals for 2015

I have learned that it is better to focus a few goals rather than on running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off trying to work on large numbers of goals. And for me, artistic goals seem to get focused on and actually worked on more than say health and exercise goals. 😛

So I have given it some thought and I have decided on 3 goals for this year. 3 is a good number, not too many to try and keep track of.

My goals are in no particular order

  • Read at least one chapter from a Unity book a day
  • One Drawing/sketch a day
  • One Blender tutorial a day

Unity Books

Over the last year or so (maybe a bit longer) I have managed to accumulate a fair number of Unity books (at last count ( I have 8 on Unity 4 and 3 on Unity 3). I am thinking it is long past time to actually read said books and see if the information actually sticks in my brain. I am going to actually start with the Unity 4 books as they are more current and then probably go back and read the 3 books I have on Unity 3 just for reference and because I actually have them. 😛

One Drawing/sketch a day

For the last 2 years I have been working on my traditional drawing skills and I have made a fair amount of progress and I would like to keep the momentum going, so I am going to try for at least one sketch a day and I have already created a fun challenge for myself to keep it interesting.


Daily drawing challenge, go to “Everything” category on Pinterest, pick one image in 1st row to draw, I have decided that I will not be drawing any food images or Clothes/jewelry that are not on people. Other than that, I will make an honest effort to draw whatever shows up in the first row.

I will be posting my progress here on my blog, if anyone wants to join in let me know.

One Blender tutorial a day

Now this one I need to decide if 1 tutorial a day means just watching/reading said tutorial or if I actually have to do the tutorial. I over the years I have actually done very few tutorials although I watch /read quite a few. Maybe I’ll do a combination of both. I’ll have to get back to you on this one. 😛

Okey dokey, those are my goals, what are your goals for this year?


2 responses to “Goals for 2015

  • Hakkı Rıza

    one tutorial a day! well that one deserves applause 🙂 .. because it sounds to be hard, but it is not hard to notice how beneficial it d be.
    my goals btw: finishing my highschool in June 24 AND SWALLOW EVERYSINGLE button of BLENDER till the end 2015!

  • dreamsgate

    Every single button!, Wow that will definitely take all year. As for one tutorial a day, watching them doesn’t take me much time, “Doing” them takes alot of time. So most days I will probably opt to watch the tutorial and only do those I have time for or intrigue me enough to make time for.

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