#inktober is over and I finished

I spent the last month taking part in #inktober and had a ball doing it. 😛 I was more than a little nervous when I started. One of the main rules is that all posted images had to be in pen. I had never drawn in pen, only pencil because I still do a lot a erasing at this stage of my drawing journey.

But it sounded like fun, so I picked up an inexpensive set of inking pens, did a bit of research on how to use them and jumped in. Happily I discovered that a lot of artists put down their main forms in pencil, ink over the pencil and then erase the pencil marks.

Okay this I can do and I did, whoot!!!! Snoopy dance!

LOL, I posted my images every day on twitter and facebook, but it didn’t dawn on me to post them on my blog until yesterday.

Whoopsie doodle, but better late than never. So here is a link to all of them in one place.

#inktober 2014 or you look at the little widget thingy in the sidebar.

I will definitely be doing this next year and I promise to post them here too, I might even remember that I promised 😛



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