CGTrader Modeling Challenge: 3D Sci-Fi Challenge: Extend The Universe

CGTrader has launched a new modeling challenge that looks to be a lot of fun. So here is the set-up.

from CGTrader:


Something went wrong in the parallel universe and it affected the one where we all live. There is not so much livable space left. It is the time, when the entire human race need to move in order to find new home. Of course, such disorder has its consequences – the races of the Universe had split in two sides. Members of the first one call themselves Enraged Verticians. They are willing to take control of the whole Universe and the resources needed to create livable conditions, for example: oxygen and food. They have united to become the dominant force of the Universe. There is another side – Polyguardians, who have only one intention – to re-establish the peace and order.

How did this conflict arise? Why does it involve you? Do not stress, it is not real. On the other hand, it is – it is a real offer for you to join the 3D Sci-Fi Challenge and become a king of the Universe. This time you must choose who you are – a revolutionist or a peacemaker. Remember this – it will be very important in the end. The members of the stronger side will be awarded with special prizes.

You can be the new dictator or the unifier of the Universe. First of all – choose your side, then create something that could be used in a space battle – 3D model of a spaceship, a warrior, a building, a planet or even a part of space environment. Just do not forget that models must be related to the chosen side – Enraged Verticians or Polyguardians.

Authors of the most stunning model and portfolio will get valuable prizes. Winners of each category will be awarded with full version of Mari or Modo by The Foundry. They will get some useful equipment as well – SpaceMouse from 3Dconnexion, for example.

Deadline is March 17, 2014.

So, who will you be? Choose your side.

Now does that sound like fun or what? Check out the following links for full information and prizes.


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