End of year review

Well whoops-a-doodle, I didn’t quite make my goal for 2013. I had wanted to complete 26 blender projects. That obviously didn’t happen.

I did however complete 10 projects with a couple more in various stages of completion. While I didn’t hit my goal, there was a marked improvement in topology and clean meshes. So I’ll take a partial win for skill improvement. This year also saw a greater understanding of techniques and different methods of using blender to accomplish tasks.

So, what’s on deck for this year?

Well I seem to have acquired a small library of books on Unity, so I will be exploring those in an attempt to make some small games (and I do mean small, as in simple and goofy 😛 ).

I will also be continuing on my epic journey of using and exploring Blender. I am not going to set a project goal for Blender this year. Instead I am going to focus on skill improvement and completion of projects that I start. You have no idea how many unfinished blender projects are lurking on my hard drive and back up files. 😛

One Blender project that I would like to get started and hopefully finish, will be the creation of library of forest models. I have had the reference images for a couple of years and just haven’t gotten started on it. No time like the present. 🙂

So what’s in store for your year?


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