Crazy, weird, busy summer

Sad to say, I have had the craziest weird busy summer that obviously has interfered with getting anything productive done. Every day I made a list of things I need to get accomplished and at the end of the day, not much got crossed off. Which of course has resulted in Blenderart Magazine getting horribly off schedule and then some. 😦

So this morning I threw the “To Do List” in the garbage and buckled down with a new mission. 😛

  • The long awaited Issue #42 has been proofed and sent to Gaurav for final polish, it will be released as soon as he gets it back to me
  • Issue #43, that has been quietly awaiting organization, will be whipped into shape and sent to proofers by tomorrow at latest
  • Call for Content for issue #44 will be released today with a Submission deadline of November 5th, so that we can get back on track

Failure to accomplish this mission gives you all the right to track me down and harass me mercilessly into compliance. 🙂


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