MYoB: project 8 lil pilot retopologized….

pilot_retopo_frontRetopology takes a loooong time. At least for me it does. I have finally finished up the retopology of the lil pilot model I have been working on. Well I finished everything except the hands and gloves. I didn’t like how the hands turned out at all, so I am shelving that part until I do some hand practice, which is of course going to be tackled in my next set of projects.

In doing this exercise, I have learned a lot about character modeling and figured out several things I would have done differently.

First up is that breaking up the project was very helpful in keeping a nice organized project, resulting in a much cleaner model. Which has been a large part of my goal for this year.

It also helped that by blocking out the model first, I actually felt like I was making more progress than I would normally have and I did feel more motivated to follow through. So score one for the planning and blocking out stage. 😛

I also realized after I had already sculpted everything, that retopology would have been much easier if I hadn’t applied a solidify modifier on the clothes before I sculpted them. I was trying to avoid the weird edges problem where they can get all jaggy and odd looking and ended up making an entirely different problem. When you sculpt on models with a solidify modifier applied, you often end up sculpted the whole thickness which makes retopology interesting to say the least.

So although the retopology is done, I am not as happy with it as I could have been if I planned just a tad bit better. But lesson quite seriously learned and next time I will add thickness (solidify) after the retopology, not before.

I was finishing up the retopology when Jonathan released his Introduction to Character Modeling in Blender course on Blender Cookie, which showed his approach to the same little pilot character.

I am only about half way through the course and I have already seen ways that I can further improve my workflow as well as things that would have been much easier his way. Something to keep in mind for future projects.

Since I have already modeled the pilot, I am not going to go through and redo the whole thing following Jonathan’s instructions, but there are a few videos that I am going to experiment with and get some additional practice with.

So far I  have planned on following along and building some base meshes using the skin modifier as well as the hand sculpting video. I am sure that there might be more as I get further into the course.

So anyhow, I am off to create some base meshes.

be back later….


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