MYoB: project 7 lil pilot sculpted

pilot_sculpted_frontWell I had thought that with a little bit of experience under my belt that sculpting would go quicker and that I would be doing the sculpting and the retopology of the lil pilot as one project.

Yeah… that didn’t happen. The sculpting took me far longer than I anticipated and felt like a whole project in and of itself. Which is ok, I am of course still learning about sculpting, so it does still end up being a whole big thing when I do it.

I am a little bummed that I didn’t get the retopology done by the 12th (which was the exercise deadline), but I think I did pretty good anyhow. I am still going to do the retopology, I just won’t watch that part of Jonathan’s tutorial until I finish mine. 🙂

Overall I am pretty happy with the way this little guy is turning out. The hands and boots could use a lot more work, but I think I will tackle that in retopology. Everything else feels good so far. But there is still that whole retopology thing to do and I may decide that I am an idiot for putting all those wrinkles in the clothes. 😛

Anyhow, I have had a lot of fun on this guy and it has been a great learning experience and I have worked through the various stages.

One response to “MYoB: project 7 lil pilot sculpted

  • Carl Lee

    I have a nice dynatopo mesh. I like to convert it to a multi res mesh for more sculpting, details etc. Then, in BI I will bake on UV maps. I will retopo it. I will multi res/subdivide it. I will add a shrinkwrap mod. I will project adopting all the details of dynatopo mesh. Now I can work on a multi res mesh. Just try it and face the problems of the shrinkwrap modifier. Mmm, i think what you’re missing is the right process from 1)hi res sculpt to 2)retopology to 3)Uvs to 4)baking details onto low poly mesh. Anyways, if I understood what you want to do staying in Blender i’d face it this way: Dynotopo mesh –> New clean and “retopologized” mesh with face snapping over dynotopo one –> Make nice UVs for the new clean mesh–> Now you have a good starting point to apply Multires and keep adding details onto a clean mesh. No shrinkwrap used. EDIT: you could even get your clean retopo mesh with Bsurface addon. A must have for retopology.

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