Nope it didn’t get done today….

When I got up this morning, I discussed with hubby the tasks I was going to work on today. I just got off the phone with him a few minutes ago after the following conversation.

hubby: “So did you get BAM #41 all proofed?

me: “Um nope.” (Sorry guys I swear I will get on it asap 🙂 )

hubby: “Well are your flower beds all cleaned out and pretty?

me: “Um …. nope.”

hubby: “Did you get Sasha’s nails done?” (Sasha is one of our dogs and her nails are horribly long and desperately need done.)

me: “Nope.”

hubby: “Well at least you got the laundry finished, right?”

me: “Yeah …. nope.”

hubby: “So what have you BEEN doing all morning”

me: “Ummmm….. modeling…” 😛

Seriously I meant to do all those things, but I sat down to have a cup of coffee and get myself all organized. And before I knew it, I had blender open and I was working on my little pilot exercise. The sculpting is going really well and I just wanted to work on it a minute while drinking my coffee.

Fast forward several cups of coffee later, little pilot is coming along quite nicely, chores not so much. 😛

Each time I got up to get a new cup of coffee, I told myself Ok it is time to get busy and then I sat right back down with my coffee and continued to sculpt away.

Now I really really need to go get some things done and be a productive little house wife.

Hmmm…. those gloves just need a little more work, it won’t take a minute I swear……. 😛


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