MYoB: project 6_Pilot

pilot_blockedI am so tickled with myself. Last week Jonathan announced a new modeling exercise (Modeling The Airplane Pilot Character) for us to all work on. So since it was time to start a new project, I decided to play along.

I finished blocking out this little guy and I am so pleased with myself. I am fully aware that this might not seem like a big deal for anyone but me. But up until I took Jonathan’s Master Modeling Workshop, I never did the blocking in stage of modeling. I went full detail from the start and always ended up with really heavy dense models that were difficult to work with. So I have been trying really hard lately to block in first.

And this is my first successful solo attempt at doing so!!!

Whoot me!!!

The best part is that not only do I now have a base model to sculpt on and add further detail, but my blocked in model actually looks like the little pilot dude. Whooooo!!!!

So I am claiming this as MYoB project #6. I will probably claim sculpting and retopo as 7 and 8. Although depending how it goes maybe just as 7. We will see. 😛

Okay then, I’m off to have some sculpting fun.

bye now….

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