MYoB: project #5… retopology of Flower Fairykin

fairykin_retopo_1I realize that technically sculpting and retopology of the same model should be considered all one project, but I am not highly proficient in either technique as of yet, so I broke it into two projects.

The sculpting stage took only a day or so, but the retopology stage took forever!!!. Okay it didn’t really take forever, it just seemed like it. I actually ended up starting over at one point because it just wasn’t working out. Which was irking me to no end.

I finally got the retopo to a stage where I was at least moderately happy. There are still several areas that are not optimal, but that is something to concentrate on more for next time. And if I don’t call it good now, I will be fussing endlessly with this thing til the end of time and I have other projects I want to work on. So I am calling it done. (umm for now šŸ˜› )

I do believe that this is only the 2nd or 3rd retopo I have done, so I am happy that I at least finished it.

Next project is going to be me attempting the new modeling exercise that Jonathan announced at Blender Cookie today. He hasĀ challengedĀ us to model the little pilot that goes with the little plane training series he released a short while ago.

TheĀ deadlineĀ for render submissions isĀ Sunday,Ā May 12,Ā which gives me a week to see how well I can pull this off. Best part is that this is the same design that will be used in an upcomingĀ Citizen courseĀ on the same subject.

So I get to muddle through and give it my best shot then watch Jonathan show me how I should have done it. šŸ˜›

Well off to get started… well right after I change out the laundry.

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