Blender Cookie’s “Introduction to Hard Surface Modeling in Blender”

Recently Blender Cookie released a new Citizen training series “Introduction to Hard Surface Modeling in Blender”. Jonathan covers the complete process and workflow for modeling a cartoon styled little plane. The plane concept art was drawn by  Tim Von Rueden.

Now I had already made my attempt at modeling this little plane about a month ago. I had already started my attempt when Jonathan announced that he was working on the series. I did sit and think about whether I should continue on my own or wait for the training series and ultimately decided that I would learn more if I attempted it on my own first.

I must admit, I ran into a fair share of problems that I had to work out when doing it on my own, but overall I was fairly satisfied with my result. I did cut myself considerable slack as this was my first vehicle type model ever.

That being said, I have been waiting for Jonathan to finish and release the series so I could see how he handles some of the things that I had problems with.

This is the first time I had modeled something and then got to see afterwards another method or way to have approached it. I must say, that added a whole new level to the learning experience.

I know the areas that I had problems with and getting to see how Jonathan approached it gave me considerable food for thought for future projects.

And since it looks like Blender Cookie will be announcing future projects in advance of releasing the tutorials in their new “Coming Soon” section, I think I might be attempting more projects in advance of the tutorials. It made for a very interesting experience.


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