MYoB: Project 2….Fuzzy Teddybear

Whoot finished!!! Seriously late, but finished all the same and since I managed to finish it before I am due to start project 3, I am calling it a WIN!!!

So this week I decided to model a fuzzy teddy bear based in large part on Josh Maule’s Creating a Little Elephant tutorial on Blender Cookie.

fuzzy_teddyI am pretty impressed with how he turned out, although I did notice once he was rendered that my little teddy bear looked somewhat like a little cat. I think it is the size and shape of the ears. But since this is my project, it is most definitely a teddy bear. 😛

So next up I am thinking of doing a little hard edge modeling, something I have managed to avoid for, I don’t know, always 😛 . But no time like the present to explore new skills and areas of modeling. So stay tuned for the next project.


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