MYoB 2013: Project 1

Whoot, one project down and 25 to go! 😛

So I was going to model a sock bear, which is similar to a sock monkey. I got a small one for Christmas and thought it would make a good first project for this year.

Unfortunately I downloaded a blender build with dyntopo in it and ended up playing with it instead. So no sock bear or sock monkey this week, but I did end up with a very ugly character head. Ugly, as in, I sure don’t want to meet him in  dark alley.

Dyntopo is an odd duck, or maybe I am just not as practiced with sculpting ( a far more likely case), as it took me a bit to get the hang of it since I kept wanting to up the resolution and then had to remind myself that that wasn’t necessary. Anyhow, I made several runs at it until I started getting something I liked. Even then the final sculpt underwent several different looks before I called it done.

MYoB_2013_1So here it is, project 1 of MYoB 2013.


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