New Years Resolution: MYoB 2013

And MYoB would stand for My Year of Blender. That’s right, I am declaring this My Year of Blender. Last year I only completed 9 blender projects, which honestly surprised me, I hadn’t thought I had even done that many. But I did, I counted. 😛

So this year I have a made a resolution to do 26 projects. I know that seems like an odd number, but there is a reason for it. I work a rather odd schedule. I work 8 nights on, 6 off. During my work week I am pretty useless productivity wise. So I am committing to doing at least one blender project on my off weeks. Which works out to 26 projects. If I manage to do more, yay me, but I am going for at least 26.

And that is the only resolution I am committing to 😛 .

I am going to have a little progress counter on the side of my blog if you want to follow along or monitor my progress and you are all welcome to join in MYoB 2013.


One response to “New Years Resolution: MYoB 2013

  • ndundupan

    two project a month :D?
    Great idea!
    I want create an ebook editing video with blender this year in bahasa 😀
    I hope, i can found a partner to translate it into english.

    Good Luck

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