Pine cones…

Back in July, when it was nice and warm, unlike right now (which is cold and snowy 😦 ), my family went camping. There were lots of pine cones scattered all over the ground and for whatever reason I was fascinated with them. My mind kept playing with their shape and form. How the wings (the pine cone thingies that make it a pine cone 😛 ) were evenly distributed around and I kept thinking, “look at that Mother Nature uses arrays!”

I ended up bringing one home because I wanted to model one. And there it sat on my desk for the last 5-ish or so months. Finally I decided to sit down and do it.

I modeled a “wing” (yes they are called wings, I looked it up) and set up an array to get my shape. And it looked okay, but not really WOW! Apparently Mother Nature has more options on her array modifier. So I set the project aside while I pondered possible solutions.

Then lo and behold the solution presented itself in the form of a tutorial on Blender Cookie by Josh Maule. It didn’t take me long to realize that I could use the same technique that Josh did when creating his corn cob, to create my pine cone.

The only significant differences was the emitter shape and the fact that at the end I applied the particle system so I could weed out some of the particle wings.

pine conesAnd here I present my pine cones. One more project down for 2012, only about a dozen more to go.

hmmm I think I am going to need to apply for an extension to this year to get everything done.



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