2nd run of Master Modeling in Blender to start January 7th

CG Cookie’s modeling workshop, Mastering Modeling in Blender, is gearing up for it’s 2nd run. Having participated in the 1st run of this workshop, I can tell you it is well worth your time and money. You will walk away with a greater understanding of modeling techniques and a vastly improved skill set.

Register now for your place.

Mastering Modeling in Blender – January 7th to February 15th

by Jonathan Williamson

Learn all the theories, fundamentals, and techniques you need to master subdivision surface modeling – starts January 7th

It’s almost that time again. Time to start a new year off right with some Blender training! We are pleased to announce registration for our second run of our Mastering Modeling in Blender Workshops! This workshop on Mastering Modeling in Blender has been developed over the past three years to provide an unparalleled education platform  to learn mesh modeling with subdivision surfaces in Blender.

I wish this workshop had been available 11 years ago when first I started using Blender. I can only imagine the effect that having this course back then would have had on my modeling skills… –Sandra Gilbert

Get a start on the new year by investing in yourself

This workshop is one of the best ways to invest in yourself by improving your skills and knowledge of modeling, paving the way to modeling professionally.

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