Week 2 done and Week 3 already underway!

Well week 2 of the Mastering Modeling in Blender Workshop is over and Week 3 is already underway. This week we get to learn all about sculpting. FUN STUFF!!! Sculpting is a lot more artistically freeing.

I finished my homework for week 2, only took me 3 tries but I did it. Biggest issue is that I have always added way too much detail way too soon and then end up with a mess.

So I had to constantly remind myself, form first then detail. Which would be why first 2 attempts got abandoned. Too heavy too fast. On the up side, attempt 3 worked out much better. And while probably not the perfect model I would have preferred to turn in (I would loved to tweak it for days weeks months… yeah something else I need to work on 😛 ), it does hold the distinction of being the 1st ever all quad mesh with reasonable topology that I have accomplished to date. YAY ME!!!

I have learned so much already in this course, I do believe that it has completely changed that way I think about modeling.

Well Week 3 videos are calling my name, bye now…


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