Week 1 finished and homework done!

Week 1 of the Mastering Modeling workshop has finished and I have just turned in my homework. Yep last minute blend-a-thon. I finished watching all the Lectures, Fundamentals and Tutorials Wednesday. Then of course life got in the way and it wasn’t until today that I had time to sit down and do my homework. And of course my hubby was laughing at me and telling that I shouldn’t have left it til the last minute.

Well that just means I will make a greater effort to contain life demands this week and get my homework done sooner. 🙂

I really enjoyed Week 1. It was on Topology and Jonathan did a great job explaining why it was important and how to go about structuring a model. I have learned a lot this week and it really helped when doing my homework. Well for exercise #1 and #2 it helped, #3 kicked my butt. Every time I figured out how to optimize one section, 3 other sections would blow up. Finally I decided to call it good for now, but I know that stupid sphere is going to be a thorn in my side until I conquer it. 😛 I will conquer it in time, just wait and see.

Week 2 is going to cover intensive poly modeling. Which is going to rock big time!

Oh look, Week 2 is now open…. gotta go.


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