There’s an app for that…

I think I have become an app junkie. It totally amuses me to see the number of available apps for all our “beloved can’t leave home without them” devices. And I seriously have a very active, all be it, odd imagination. So it is more than cool to be thinking one of my odd random thoughts and to discover “there’s an app for that.”

I love browsing through the android market and discovering odd little apps. And since the app sizes are fairly small, I can collect as many as I want. In addition to the totally bizarre, I have discovered some really useful ones.

In fact just this morning I was thinking about color theory and found some fun little apps that will be you might find useful too.

Color Collector: this app lets you sample colors with the camera in your device and save it to a custom palette. Then for each color you sample / save it gives you the hex, RGB, CMYK and HSV, HSL values. So if you see the perfect color somewhere, you can now grab it for future use.

Color Code Book: shows named color swatches and then lists RGB, Hex and CMYK.

Real Colors: creates color palettes from photos. So if you took a photo that has colors you like, it will analyze the photo and create a pallet for you.

Color buddy: lets you create palettes based on a single color. Pick your color then choose color harmony or color shades, further options are then given to refine your new palette. Very cool indeed.

While discovering all these fun color tools, I also ran across a fun little paint/draw app that has a mirror function. I know a lot of paint apps have mirror functions these days, but I like the look and layout of this one and it kind of reminds me of Alchemy. It is Infinite Design.

Okay next up I want to find a collage app to create a “mood board”. So far all the apps I have tested just make scrapbooking style collages. I am looking more for one that lets me put reference images together for inspiration. Kind of thrown together and random, not so neat and tidy. So if anyone can suggest a good one let me know.


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