And no I am not talking about the cartoon character that runs around waving a sword while wearing fur undies.

I am referring to the image I drew based on Tim Vonn Rueden’s Stylized Character Concept Art – The Software Brothers tutorial on Concept Cookie.

I love watching Tim’s tutorials and while my results rarely turn out like his, this time I got close enough that I decided to share. 😛

My character is a tribute to my hubby, who oddly enough loves to chop wood when we are camping, and he always says just before he gets started, “Get ready for the HeMan show!” Yep seriously goofy, but what can I say, it is highly entertaining to watch him chop wood. Mainly because he doesn’t just chop it, he power slams it into submission with an axe that looks more like a splitting maul with a handle. While watching the HeMan show, it is generally a good idea to not sit close as chunks of wood do tend to go flying in all directions with a great deal of force.

Now I’m off to finish my poor little neglected hippo model….


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