Idaho Forest Photos

Well I am getting caught back up. I think I fixed my Google Docs vs Drive problem. I’m waiting to hear back from my proofers to see if all is well. (Seems they can get in now, Whoot for me!!!  🙂 )

Then I went through all the forest photos I took while camping. I deleted all the “whoopsie blurry” ones and separated all the rest into two categories. Some photos I took just for reference, so I could see how the plants, bushes etc were formed and some photos were for texturing purposes. So I separated them into two folders named appropriately enough “Reference Photos” and “Texture Photos”. Which you are all welcome to download and play with yourself.

Now I would love to be able to say I know the names of all the plants that I took photos of, but that just isn’t the case. 😛 So the file names were left at whatever numbering system my camera uses, yeah I know, so very helpful. 😛

I haven’t processed any of the photos yet for use as texture maps. So you can process them in whatever way works best for you and your projects.

For those interested in such things, the photos were taken in and around the Tripod Meadows area in Idaho, which is located just above Smith’s Ferry and about 30 minutes from Cascade, Idaho. It is a beautiful area where we often camp.

Okay then, anyone who wants them, go grab the photos. As for me….. email prepare yourself….. here I come!


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