Whoot! I finished it!!!

Happy dance….
I am of course talking about Blender Cookies Interior Architectural Training series. It is a series of 25 videos that show you how to create an amazing room, one that I would love to have in my house, but that is a whole different issue. 😛

Yes, I am aware that I am very, and I mean VERY, slow, and most of you finished ages ago. But finish it I did and that is a major win for me. You don’t even want to know how many unfinished projects are sitting on my hard drive.

This was an amazing training series. I have never done any architectural projects, so it was a nice change of pace to do something outside of my comfort zone.  The nice part was that none of it was really all that hard. The modeling was nothing overly advanced, in fact most of the magic came about after the modeling was all finished.

I learned quite a bit from this series. Linking assets is something I have never really explored, which is a shame considering how easy it is. The same with the material library. I can see great uses for that. In fact setting up a material library seems so much simpler when deciding on how materials should look. Instead of being distracted by the scene, you just use simple primitives.

I also really enjoyed that cycles was used. I am really loving how cycles works and the results that can be achieved. I now feel far more comfortable with both cycles and compositing and I have plans to put my new knowledge to use as soon as possible.

So here is my final render. I think it turned out pretty good. On a side note, I really would love to have this room in my house. What a lovely serene place to create artistic masterpieces.

Okey dokey, if you haven’t done this training series yet, I encourage you to do so. You will learn a lot and get to flex your blender awesomeness muscles.

Now I’m off to do Blender Cookie’s Intro to Characters modeling series while I wait for the recently announced cycles series.


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