Dang, dang and double dang!!!

Yesterday was a great day. I played in blender most of the day, resulting in the need to render my project. Not a bad thing in and of itself, but generally a long and tedious process where I have to wait for my amazing render of perfection. So knowing that I have no patience for long render times, I set it to render and went to bed.

Totally awesome way to deal with the render time issue. Right up until I woke up this morning. I always turn my monitor off even when rendering over night because it is overly bright and I can see it from my bedroom. So this morning when I stumbled out of bed and wandered over to turn on my computer like I do every morning, the monitor was off and I was not coherent enough to remember that I was rendering.

Yep I hit the power button just like I do every morning and bye bye over night render.

And of course I realized what I did just as soon as I hit the power button, which occasioned some very un-ladylike  words to stream out of me in unique and unrepeatable combinations.

Sigh, a smart person would have left a sticky note on the keyboard to avoid just this dilemma.

note to self: go down to your craft room and make a “RENDERING” reminder out of one of those cool giant chipboard tags you having been saving for a great use. I do believe this use would qualify as a great use.

Now I get to wait for most of the day for my render to re-render. Luckily I do have other things that I need to be doing. Sigh, I had just planned on doing them some other day, after I finished my project.

Dang, dang and double dang!!!


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