I have Lights!

Okay, I have a sky texture and a sun lamp, but it is beyond cool. I am of course talking about lesson 12 of Blender Cookie’s Training Course: Interior 3D Architectural Visualization in Blender 2.6.

Yep, I am only on lesson 12 and I am very slow. I actually would have been further, but I ran into a snag during the previous lesson on importing assets. Great lesson by the way, it explained a lot of things that confused me about importing assets as links instead of appending like I normally do. Anyhow, I was buzzing along just fine, importing the various objects, when they started disappearing. I mean flat out disappearing. They weren’t in the file anywhere, I even checked the Outliner. Nope GONE!

Now I know I often manage to mess things up, but honestly I was being good and really paying attention. So I would add a couple of objects and place them, then pan through the scene and notice that previous models I had imported were missing. After a bit of messing with it, I came to the conclusion that the file was borked and that it would be easier to just start that section over.

Which was easy for me to do on account of how compulsive I am about saving out a new file for each lesson. See I have learned that if something can go wrong it will, and successive files makes it easier for me regroup when things go kafooey. So I backed up a step and then started again. It worked fine the second time, so I have no idea what happened the first time.

So with all the models imported and more importantly not disappearing 😛 , I started the next lesson on environment/sun lighting. It was so cool, I got to play with adding a sky texture for the first time in cycles. I spent a while playing with the settings watching the changes. Then we added a sun lamp and the coolest shadows appeared in the scene.

Yes, I am most definitely easily amused. The shadows actually made my whole day. I am not known for being good at lighting, so I was quite pleased that they worked just like Jonathan showed it would. AwesomeSauce!!!

Tomorrow there will be window lights as well.

bye now…

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