I modeled a box!

Um kind of, well not really, but yeah I kind of did. I started the Blender Cookie’s Training Course: Interior 3D Architectural Visualization in Blender 2.6. And while it is not an actual box per se, rooms are rather box-like. So yes I modeled a very fancy box with windows and a stairwell. 😛

I’m not too far just yet, I admit I am rather slow to say the least. Probably all that “hitting the pause button”. But I did get the main structure and windows modeled today. Unfortunately before I continue on I have to fix whatever lame brained mistake I managed to inflict upon my floor.

I had a floor, it was right where it was supposed to be and I continued on, then when I went to delete the plane for the window, I noticed the floor was gone. I looked everywhere for it and it’s not hidden, trust me I checked. While mildly annoying, it’s no real biggie, I must have deleted it. So I filled it back in, but then I noticed that I covered up my stairwell. Sigh, honestly, things like this only happen to me.

Okay then, enough whining. With the exception of the missing floor fiasco, I am enjoying the series immensely. For me the best part about any tutorial that Jonathan creates is all the little tips and explanations he gives along the way. Quite often I watch his tutorials for that reason alone. I already learned quite a few new things and a few things I suspect I should have already known.

Oh and I am now officially in love with BMesh, it works the way I think. Totally gonna up my game. 😛

Tomorrow I plan on sorting out my floor issue and then continue on. I believe “trims” are up next.

bye now


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