Well I finally went and did it….. I modeled a teapot

Yes I did, I modeled a teapot. Aren’t you impressed?

No? Really, but it’s a teapot!

LOL, I know, big deal, would you be impressed if I did it in cycles?

Still no, huh, you all are hard to impress. 😛

Actually I find it beyond funny. In 11+ years of modeling, I have never once modeled a teapot. Not for modeling practice, while following a tutorial, to test materials or reflections, not even for a cool proof of concept. Nope, not a one, nada, zilch. There are absolutely no teapots in my model library.

And honestly I hadn’t intended to model one today either. I was scrolling through G+ and Adventures in Blender had posted about a still life scene tutorial in cycles. So I wandered over to take a look and decided what the heck, why not, I had nothing better planned for today.

So fast forward a bit later and a little futzing around where I did decide that I wanted a red pitcher instead of a clear one and I am now the proud creator of a beautiful teapot rendered in cycles.

And even funnier, not only did I model a teapot today, it would appear that I modeled and rendered my first shiny sphere too. Somehow I completely skipped/avoided doing the whole shiny sphere thing during my blender newbie phase. I know, it is so hard to resist the temptation of the shiny sphere, but I managed, until today that is.

And honestly, when Karan Shah told me to add a sphere and give it a glossy material, I assumed that it would be used somehow to add realism to the reflections and not be seen. After I added it, I forgot all about it until I was sitting here watching it render and realized that shiny sphere was just sitting there.

Entirely too funny, a teapot and a shiny sphere all in one day. So obviously I need to get to work on the old cube on a checked floor image to add to my collection.

And what did you do today?


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