So I got a bee in my bonnet today and decided it would be nice if I joined Goodreads and added all the books I have read since I got my kindle.

Color me an idiot, I got signed up, started adding books and then realized that I was going to be at this for hours and I mean HOURS. I have read over 150 books since I got my kindle a few years ago.

Sooooo, time for a new plan. I am going to add a few at a time until I get them all in there. Probably going to take me forever, but eventually I will get all done.

And if any of you are all that curious as to what the “amazing dreamsgate” spends her free time reading, then just check out the handy little widget I added to the side of my page today. But be warned, I do read some strange stuff on occasion and I LIKE it. 😛

Alrighty then, back to adding books….. grumble grumble…. why isn’t there a magic button for this…..

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