Whoot, I finished my homework!

LOL, I have just finished the first modeling exercise assigned by BlenderCookie. I think I did okay.

It LOOKS like a flashlight. 😛 Which I think was only part of the objective. I think it is also supposed to display good topology as well. And I think I got most of it okay.

I did have a few problems with the switch and the bottom end cap. They look reasonable, but I am fully convinced that there is a better method than what I came up with. So of course I am eager to see how Jonathan does it. 🙂

Luckily, the assignment wasn’t about lighting or I would have received a massive fail. 😛


5 responses to “Whoot, I finished my homework!

  • Sharon

    Blender Cookie gives homework assignments?

  • dreamsgate

    LOL, yes and no, I was being funny.

    They have started a new training feature, called Modeling exercises. They give you reference images and one week to model the object. Then they are going to review your model (well and everyone else’s) and then at end of week, create a tutorial highlighting tips and tricks to effectively model what ever the “assignment” was.

    I think it is a great new way to help users improve their skills and I had a lot of fun modeling something I would have never modeled for myself.

  • Sharon

    That is cool! I’m going to look into that. Could you please give me the link to it?

  • Sharon

    Never mind, I was able to find it. I thought I’d missed out on a whole series. Good to see I can still jump in. But I think I need to do some lighting and texturing tutorials before I do. Mine will still look completely cartoony otherwise.

  • dreamsgate

    You can do texturing and lighting, but honestly, the whole objective is just the modeling. Jonathan stated he would delete all textures before he reviewed your object.

    So go ahead and focus on the modeling and just have fun.

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