The importance of “Play Time”

We all know how important it is to push away from our computers and get some real life play time in.

We do know that right? πŸ˜›

But as artists it is equally important to take time to play in our chosen art medium as well. All too often we get locked into the mentality that we must be either involved in a project or working on improving skills and techniques and we forget to just play.

This is something that I am very guilty of and I’m sure a good many of you are as well.

Sadly enough, it took watching my five year old to remind me how important it was to play.

I recently received a graphic tablet for my birthday. Now mommy got to use her graphic tablet all by herself for about two weeks before the ever curious five year old noticed that mommy could use it to draw on the computer.

Yep, you guessed it, she has been hooked on it ever since and every time mommy tries to use it, she is in my lap demanding “draw time”.

First thing, it was amazing how quickly she grasped the concept of the tablet and how easily she uses it to draw and paint. Yep, mommy is still occasionally struggles to get it to do what she wants. (Yes I am blaming the tablet, not my completely pathetic skills :P)

Okay, on to the play part. While eventually she ends up drawing “something”, she actually spends far more time simply playing with the different brushes. Moving them randomly about to see what effect they have and changing colors often to see how they blend together.

If I would let her, she would probably spend the better part of the day just swirling colors around and changing brushes.

It is absolutely amazing watching the different combinations she comes up with, something I probably wouldn’t have known about if I hadn’t been watching her just “play”. Some of those brushes are just fun. πŸ™‚

We have even done some tag team drawing time, which results in lots of giggles and drawing over each others scribbles.

It is relaxing and rather liberating, so the million dollar question for today is;

“When is the last time you just sat down and played?”

for wondering minds, my daughter’s favorite program is MyPaint, and her favorite brush collection is Deevad4.


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